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It is a well known fact that Bahai sect in India has created a place of worship in Delhi which is popularly called the Lotus Temple.  It is a wonderful piece of modern architecture which is difficult to find in present era. Amazing petals offer unparalleled unconventional looks which have made the structure quite popular among people. Started in the year 1986, the construction was completed in an impeccable style. The experts provide interesting information About Lotus Temple which was used as a template for constructing modern buildings in the area bordering the subcontinent region.

Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple


The building was opened to the full public view in the year 1986 and became popular over a period of time due to its unique shape and the accompanying garden. As per the statistics, about 50 million tourists have visited the shrine which attracts large number of people into its fold.  Due to its immense popularity, the number of visitors has shot up and made the Lotus Temple  an epitome of religious harmony. It is regularly frequented by more than 100,000 people and has been considered a benchmark of popularity.  More than 3 million people throng the shrine every year. The temple has been idolized by the Hindu religion as a mark of tolerance. There many articles in the newspaper which provide comprehensive information About Lotus Temple.