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We offer quality guest posting service. We write well researched content on topics related to your business, find and publish them on relevant blogs on your behalf.  It’s just like designating a trusted person to guest post for you, but with one difference – you will be attributed in the author bio. You benefit from valuable backlinks, brand exposure and traffic from the blog.

What is Guest Posting?  

It is an arrangement between an author (guest) and a blogger to publish content (guest post) written by the author on blogger’s blog. The guest post belongs to the author and is attributed to him. It is up to the author which sites to link to within the post and it is up to the blog owner to accept/reject the contribution. Since this can be a really time consuming task and writing is not everyone’s favorite task, our service comes in to the help. All you have to do is to give us your website url, keywords you would like to use as anchor and the topic you would you like us to write (optional) plus information for author bio.

SEO value of Guest Posting

Building backlinks from quality sites is the most important off-page optimization strategy when it comes to SEO. In most cases, guest posts are attributed to the writer (in our case our clients) which essentially becomes a backlink to writer’s site. Usually the writer is allowed to use one or more links to the sites of his choice either in the article or in the author bio section. This is a legitimate link building method approved even by search engines like Google and Yahoo.  The guest blogger also gets an opportunity to expose his brand name and drive traffic to their sites. This is a mutually win-win agreement for the blogger and the writer.

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