About Red Fort (Lal Qila) Delhi – History


It is a well known fact that the Red Fort is one of the most important monuments of the Indian history which has mesmerized people to a great extent. The building was constructed in medieval period by the legendary Mughal Emperor Shahjahan who was one of the most important Kings in the Indian subcontinent. Red fort india is spread over more that hundred acres and is unique in terms of architecture. It has huge walls which transform the surroundi9ng ambience in an impeccable manner. The rule of Mughal Dynasty came to an end in the year 1857 Zafar, the last king was send to Burma. It is considered as a national heritage by one of the prominent United nationals organizations called the Unesco.

Red Fort (Lal Qila) Delhi
Red Fort (Lal Qila) Delhi

Shahjahan undertook the construction in the year 1638 and it took a long time to build the majestic fort. It depicted the zenith of the Mughal Empire in an impeccable manner. In the year 1648, it was completed and became one of the dominant symbols of the Empire. Initially, it was called the Mubark Qila and was designed so that it could be combined with other forts in an amazing style. It was extended with the help of efforts from Aurangzeb who was one of the most important emperors. Red fort india was located at a very important position which connected the city of Shahjahanabad and played an important role during invasions.  The monument underwent significant changes after the revolt in the year 1857. Later, British deployed their troops in the fort and the tradition was continued by the Indian Army till the year 2003.

About Red Fort

According to the historians, Shahjahan shifted the Capital from the city of Agra to the legendary city of Delhi, so that he could build magnificent buildings in an effective manner. Due to the construction of various forts, his rule became very popular in the Northern part of India. It is said that the red fort is located across the banks of the historic river Yamuna which has been a testimony to numerous battles in the past. In the direction of the North East, the fort is quite close to Salimgarh castle which was built by the Afghan King in an amazing manner.

Red Fort (Lal Qila) Old Delhi
Red Fort (Lal Qila) Old Delhi

Declining power of the Mughals, forced them to assign the protection of the legendary fort to the Marathas who became the dominant power of India. After the defeat in 1761, Afghan King Abdali conquered the fort. At the start of the 19th century, the British ended the Mughal rule quickly and effectively. As per the historical sources, Zafar, who was the last Mughal King, resided in the amazing palace. During the revolt in the year 1857, the soldiers did not make any effort to defend the fort in spite of the fact that it was impregnable and it was not easy to enter. When the mutineers were executed, Zafar underwent a trial in the palace and he was forced to go to Burma on exile. He was devastated and died in the city of Rangoon. The trial took place in the month of January in the year 1858 and the verdict was passed in October. The monument is frequented by the tourists and is quite famous for historical artifacts. It also provides a glimpse of the life in the medieval period and is a boon for the modern day historians.

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