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The legendary Qutub Minar  is one of the most popular monuments in the country which was built by the Turkish king who defeated the Hindu Ruler of Delhi. It is divided into different stages. There are 5 floors and the total height of the building is about 73 meters. It has a unique architecture, wherein the diameter gradually decreases from the ground floor to the top. The building is a wonderful amalgamation of design and it has been mentioned that more than 20 temples were razed to the ground to build the imposing tower. Initially the three stages are made of sandstone but marble was used to create the top floors in an impeccable manner.  Information about about Qutub Minar  can be obtained from various magazines which provide detailed information about the buildings and its rich history in a wonderful manner.  Apart from the minar, there is a huge pillar which is made of iron. According to the legend, if people are able to encircle it completely they can achieve the objectives in their lives.

Qutub Minar Delhi
Qutub Minar Delhi

Some historians contend with the fact that the tower was built to commemorate the victory and signifies the advent of the Muslim rule in India. There are many experts who believe that it was constructed to help people offer prayers in an impeccable manner. The Turkish ruler of India started the construction of Qutub Minar  in the year 1200 but was not able to complete it. The basement was created by the ruler and then subsequent floors were designed by another Turkish Sultan. Tughlaq Dynasty is credited for accomplishing the project and the Tower was completed.   There are many facts and data about Qutub Minar  which continue to entice the tourists who are attracted by the historical value of the place. One can notice the difference between the architectural styles which were popular at the time of Tuglaq reign. The diameter gradually decreased over a period of time in an impeccable manner. Each floor was heavily ornamented and reminds people about the rich glorious past of Delhi.  It is a well known fact that the ancient mosque is very popular because the building provides amazing insight into the Turkish medieval architecture.