Grishneshwar Temple – Historical Ressons Behind Grishneshwar Temple

Grishneshwar Temple

Grishneshwar Temple is an ancient place as the home one of the 12 Jyotirlinga which is the indication of Lord Shiva. The Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga holy place is placed in Verul which is 20 km away from Daulatabad. Basically it is located near Maharastra. Found near to Daulatabad  is the famous vacation spots Ajanta – Ellora. The Grishneswar Temple was made by Ahilyabhai Holkar who additionally re-developed the Kashi Viswanatha Temple at Varanasi and the Vishnu Paada Temple at Gaya. The Grishneshwar Temple is likewise known by a few different names like Kusumeswarar, Ghushmeswara, Grushmeswara and Grishneswara.

Grishneshwar Temple
Grishneshwar Temple

Historical Ressons Behind Grishneshwar Temple

As per Shivapuran, Devagiri Mountain carried on a Brahmavetta Sudharm alongside his wife Sudeha. The couple did not have a pleasant life as Sudeha was a tragic. She tried to make their life happy but somehow failed. As there was not love so this couple couldn’t get a child of them, so after being sad because of this, Sudeha got her sister Ghushma wedded to her spouse. On order to get the child,  Ghushma had to make 101 lingas, revere them and release them in lake. With the favours of Lord Shiva, Ghushma conceived an infant kid. As result, Ghushma startd getting more importance and Sudeha began feeling desirous towards her sister. Because of envy enviously, one night she tried to kill Ghushma’s child and threw him in the lake where Ghushma had released the lingas.

Next Morning, as Sudharm and Ghushmas couldn’t find their child so they requested to God again and again. Even Sudeha too got up and started praying. One day Ghushma’s l daughter in-law saw stains of blood on her husband’s and was told that her child is in danger. Sad Ghushma was worshiping Lord Shiva with full dedication and told that who has given me this child, will protect my child from all problems and evil eyes. She kept of worshiping Lord Shiva and after some time she saw her child was coming towards her. By seeing full devotion of Ghushmas, Lord Shiva showed up and said – I am satisfied with your worship. Your sister had murdered your child. Even after knowing, she requested to forgive Sudeha, Lord Shiva was this much impressed by Ghushma that he asked her to wish something else too. Then Ghushma, told to him to stay there forever. On her request, Lord Shiva showed himself as a Jyotirling and accepted the name Ghushmeshwar and the lake was named as Shivalaya from that time. This was all about Grishneshwar temple. Hope you guys liked it.

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