Shri Trimbakeshwar Shiv Jyotirlinga

Shri Trimbakeshwar Shiv Jyotirlinga

A temple placed 30-km from Nasik in Maharashtra close to the Brahmagiri Mountain is known as Shri Trimbakeshwar Temple. It is loved as one of the 12 Jyotirlinga holy places of Shiva and as the wellspring of the waterway Godavari. As told by Shiv Purana, it is a result of the sincere solicitation of Godavari, Gautam Rishi and different divine beings that Lord Shiva consented to dwell here and expected the well known name Trimbakeshwar. Interestingly, local people know this stream as Ganga and not as Godavari. Most of the Gods guaranteed to come down to Nasik, once in twelve years, most probably when Jupiter dwells in the zodiac indication of Leo. On this an excellent reasonable is sorted out at this spot. Enthusiasts scrub down in the Gautami Ganga and after that look for the gifts of Trimbakeshwar.

Shri Trimbakeshwar Shiv Jyotirlinga
Shri Trimbakeshwar Shiv Jyotirlinga

Historical Reasons Behind Trimbakeshwar Temple

If we talk about the historical reasons behind this temple then it goes like this. The Gautam Muni used to live on the Brahmagiri slope with his wife Ahilya. By ideals of his dedication, the sage got from Varuna, an endless pit from which he got a boundless supply of grains and nourishment. Gautam Rishi, requested Lord Shiva to cut the Ganga down to his seclusion to filter the premises. Gautam Rishi was a huge devotee of Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva was fully satisfied with his full dedication and love so Shiva asked for Ganga to stream down and make Sage Gautam unadulterated. By giving importance to lord Shiva’s order Ganga streamed down. Master Shiva advised Ganga to stay there unceasingly for the benefit of everybody. All the Gods began singing the applauses of Gautam Rishi, Ganga and Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva lived by the waterway Gautami by the name Trimbakeshwar and from that time, this place became the holy places within Gujarat. People start worshipping this Jyotirlinga here.

Making of Trimbakeshwar Temple

Trimbakeshwar Temple is an ancient and old temple. The sanctuary is manufactured of dark stone in the Nagara style of building design and is encased in an open yard. The sanctum inside a square and a stellar structure houses a little Shivalingam – Tryambaka. The sanctum is made up with a smooth tower, adorned with a goliath Amalaka and a brilliant kalasha. Before the garbagriha, this temple had entryways on each of the four sides. Three of these entryways are secured with patios and the openings of these yards are ornamented with columns and curves. The whole structure is ornamented with sculptural work. The Shivalingam is seen in dejection on the floor of the sanctum. Water continually overflows out from the highest point of the Shivalingam. More often than not, the Shivalingam is secured with a silver veil yet on merry events a brilliant cover with five faces, each with a brilliant crown covers it. This is the beauty of this temple. You must visit this temple once in your lifetime as this is one of the most popular and most beautiful temples across the country.

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