Top 11 Coorg tour locations

Coorg is well-known for having drawn visitors from all over India and also beyond its spectacular natural scenery and picturesque hill stations. Some of the attractions that make Coorg such a perfect vacation spot are spectacular waterfalls and vast green scenery, magical mountain tops, and lovely flora and fauna. Whether it’s a weekend break or the whole holiday, Coorg is a fascinating hill resort and you’ll soon discover why it’s called Scotland of India.

  1. Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Coorg, located just 1km from Madikeri. Abbey Falls is a long time walk to enjoy spice groves, coffee grounds, rich green plains, and the river Kaveri, which are cascade over huge rocks. You would be your favorite place to visit in Coorg if you visit right after the monsoons in November & December.

  1. Dubare Elephant Camp

Close up and see the majestic elephants at Dubare Elephant Camp in their natural environment. You can see elephants being given baths, fed and conditioned, from over 150 elephants. Other wildernesses such as crocodiles, pavilions, wild dogs, and sloth bears, which can all be seen on a boat trip through the camp, are also part of this enchanting climate.

  1. Brahmagiri Peak

Magic hills and deep forests are the high points of the peak of Brahmagiri, where the rich and colorful waters of color and wealth of flora are to be walked across the lustrous green countryside. You can also spot some of the animals in the wildlife sanctuary, including deer, jungle cat, Lion-tailed Macau, Nilgiri Langur, and giant flying squirrel, which makes the trek one of Coorg’s most fascinating places.

  1. Iruppu Falls

Coorg is a specialty for torrential waterfalls, and the Iruppu from the Lakshmana Tirtha River gives these gushing waterfalls a magical aura over the sixty-foot drops. Overlooking the rich greenness in the surrounding hills, this feeling becomes very unforgettable. The journey to the falls is really exciting, and once the beauty of the Iruppu falls you saw.

  1. Nagarhole National Park

There’s plenty of wildlife in Coorg, and National Park Nagarhole is ideal for watching wildlife. The dense forests, with open strips across the river banks, allow the wildlife to see more than 270 species of birds and a large number of animals. It is much easier to find as many animals as possible during summer and winter than in other periods. The natural ecosystem around the wildlife sanctuary is also very appealing.

  1. Porcupine Castle Resort Coorg

This is the position of ultimate peace in Coorg. You can come to spend quality time here with family or with your partner while you enjoy the amazing view. This place is renowned for its greenery and a breath of fresh air is available to you. The facilities at this Porcupine Castle resort are a sufficient excuse to invite you on your next vacation to visit Coorg again.

  1. Raja’s Seat

Raja’s Seat, one of Coorg’s most picturesque points, is home to Madikeri. Sunset point Raja’s Seat, along with musical fountains, has unrivaled views of the hills and the valleys, periodic blossoms within lovely gardens that make it so famous tourist destinations of Coorg. In the early mornings and at night Raja’s seat is the best time to see the mysterious view.

  1. Mandalpatti View Point

As a hill resort, Coorg has sunset and sunrise areas that offer stunning views across the mountains and the valleys. Trekking up to the point of view of Mandalpatti gives you an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Bring your backpack and walk down the winding walkways to the top and have a view of the lovely city.

  1. Bylakuppe

Coorg is not only nature abundant but also possesses a profound culture, as seen in Bylakuppe, Indian’s second-largest Tibetan village. The Namdroling Kloster is based on the traditional Tibetan architectural style in Bylakuppe. Bylakuppe is a place for Coorg that should definitely be visited during the Tibetan New Year Losar Celebrations, to enable tourists to explore Tibet’s rich heritage.

  1. Nisargadhama

Lying between thick bamboo groves and a range of teak and sandalwood trees, this river icing is located 28 km from Madikeri. The bamboo huts in Nisargadhama are a great draw, and visitors also enjoy boating on the river and spellbinding elephants on the island.

  1. Chettalli

This quiet, picturesque village on the road from Madikeri to Siddapur is a lovely retreat. Chettalli is the ideal place for cultural tourists and visitors who want to explore the endless greenery and the tranquil hills around, a lovely and enjoyable place to take part in the lively and heavy city life. Chettalli would be the perfect weekend for a tourist who wants to learn about the rural areas’ profound culture.