Botanical Marvels: A Guide To Gardens By The Bay


If you are going to visit Singapore city and looking for tourists’ spots to visit then Gardens By The Bay is a place that you must visit. The Gardens by the bay is a nature park that was built with the aim of improving the quality of life by enhancing floral and fauna occupation. This park was built with the aim of transforming its city into a “City in the garden”. This is one of the most popular tourist spots in Singapore. The view that this park offers is undeniably breath-taking. It consists of iconic conservatories, indoor waterfalls, supertree grove and many more. In this article, you will be able to get a detailed guide about the gardens by the bay.

Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Gardens by the bay is located in the Central region of Singapore in Downtown Core, Kallang, which is adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. There are three waterfront gardens in this park. The Bay Central Garden, The Bay Eastern Garden and the Bay South Garden. It is one of the most beautiful nature parks which has a stunning horticulture and a wide range of flora. This park can act as a part of education for nature enthusiasts and students.

Bay Central

This park acts as a link between Bay East and Bay South. It has a 3 km waterfront promenade which boasts the lovely view of the city.

Bay East

This garden is the second largest of all three gardens. It offers a stunning view of the bustling city and the Singaporean skyline. This garden is full of green spaces and it is said that many future developments will be done in the upcoming decade.

 Bay South

This park is the largest of the three parks. Bay south consists of cooled Conservatories, Supertree Grove and Flower Dome.

Supertree Grove

These are around 25 to 50 meters tall with a connected arch of OCBC Skywalk. These are vertical gardens with stunning structures that are called the Supertrees. The grooves light up in the dusk and give away a fantastic view.

Floral Fantasy

This is one of the most amazing places to visit in the Gardens of the bay. It combines technology with nature and gives a 4-D view of the flora and fauna. Different types of flora from history as well as the fictional flora and faunas can be viewed here. 

Cloud Forest

It is a tall mountain filled with tropical vegetation. It is filled with mist which gives a dramatic view of the 300 metres tall mountain. It also consists of an indoor waterfall which makes the overall look of the forest even more amazing.

Flower Dome

It is one of the largest greenhouses built of glass in the world. It has a Guinness record of the World’s Largest Glass Greenhouse in the year 2015. The flowers in this dome are absolutely stunning. It has a different range of plants and flowers from all around the world in a single place. It consists of olive trees which are thousands of years old, orchids, African gardens and so on.

Far East Organization Children’s Garden

There is a dedicated place for children in the Garden by the bay. Here, children can play along with learning of different floras and faunas. This place consists of three areas for your children to play. The Rainforest Tree Houses, Water Play and the Toddler Play Zone. Fun activities such as playing as well as learning can be done by your children in this place. Different educational events for your children are also hosted in this place which can improve your children’s knowledge.

Dragonfly And Kingfisher Lakes In The Gardens By The Bay

This place consists of a lake which inhabits different kinds of water faunas. Along with the lake, it also consists of colourful birds, fishes, dragonflies and different kinds of amphibians. 

Sun Pavilion In The Gardens By The Bay

In this place different kinds of floras and faunas which thrive in deserts can be seen. Desert climate cactus, Mexican Columnar Cacti and other such species are found in this place. More than 100 different kinds of species which live in hot temperatures are found in this place. This place will be apt for students who are willing to learn about different kinds of species that live in different temperatures.

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Tickets for visiting

Tickets to visit the gardens by the bay can be booked online through their official website. They offer tickets for adults and children separately. The visiting hours can go up to 5 hours or half of the day.


Gardens by the bay is one of the most visited places in a human being’s lifetime. It is one of the most relaxing and eye-catching places to ever visit. The beautiful flora and fauna here is very well maintained and lovely to look at. This place is one of the best places where a person can look into the different types of floras and learn about them in a relaxing manner. This place will act as a refreshing place where you can take your parents and children to. They will thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the lovely nature that can be seen in the park.