The Best Time to Deal with the Trolls in your Instagram Comments

When it comes to online relationships, the best time to deal with the Trolls is initially. You will know this because, at least for the Trolls on Instagram, the beginning of every week is their busiest time. Of course, you can blame this on everyone from schoolwork to lunch schedule, but the truth is that the Trolls in particular only choose to post during the middle of the week. This means that you have a huge opening to get involved in while they are all busied dealing with other people, and therefore, their attention span is shorter.

Start Conversations

The best time to deal with the Trolls in your Instagram comments is at the end of the day. That’s where the Trolls go when they come back from their slumber. If you can take advantage of this, you will be able to start conversations down the line. The Trolls don’t care who they talk to so long as they get their required snack or tip met. In this case, their attention spans are very short, so this is a great opportunity to start conversations down the line. One important note is how to deal with the Trolls in your Instagram comments. They like the idea of getting thousands of likes in one click, but if they are not met in person or within the first 30 days, they will not likely return. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your comments as lighthearted as possible.

Continue to Make Statements

You might also find yourself at the receiving end of a Troll’s tirade if you aren’t careful. Because Trolls can be quite vicious, dealing with them requires strategy and thoughtful replies to their insults. For example, if someone calls you fat because you are overweight, you don’t necessarily have to engage with them in a heated debate. You might even want to ignore them until they stop calling. However, if they continue to make statements about your weight, politely ask them why they think that is a bad thing to say. When you find yourself amid a Trolls attack, don’t panic! Instead, state clearly what you think they mean by what they are saying. Trolls will often reply in kind or try to justify their comment by bringing up something about your appearance, lifestyle, or even your home life.

Deal with Them Properly

If you respond by asking them why they are saying what they are, they may tell you that they are just testing you and trying to see if you are one of them. If this is the case, don’t engage with them directly; rather, look them in the eye while speaking calmly and slowly. Then, confidently respond with whatever you think will best answer their question and move on. If a Troll is persistent, you may find yourself dealing with them more than once. To handle a Troll effectively, you need to know how to deal with them properly and show them respect. Even if a Troll is only an amateur, you can still take down a Troll by showing that you are not easily bullied. Ignore them for a few minutes while still speaking politely and firmly. While they may not appreciate it at first, eventually, the Troll will understand that you will not tolerate their behavior any time soon.

Employ a Variety of Tactics and Methods

If you are still dealing with a Troll at this point, you may find yourself defending yourself repeatedly. Trolls are known to be clever individuals who can often use irony to their advantage. This means that they often employ a variety of tactics and methods to put off their enemies. Remember that you do not necessarily agree with whatever the Troll is saying, but understand that they are using irony to fool you. If you can understand this, you will likely be able to put up a good fight.

Better in the Future

When you want to know the best time to deal with the trolls in your life, remember that there are no hard rules. If you respond appropriately, it does not matter whether the Troll is an amateur or a professional Troll. It simply matters that they do not easily fool you. Always keep in mind that dealing with Trolls is not about arguing with them but about understanding what they are trying to say clearly. If you can do that, then you will probably be able to deal with them better in the future.