Do You Know How Google Pay Earns Money From People?

Google Pay is one of the most popular digital payment platforms in India, using the UPI platform created by the Government of India to make mobile payments, receive money, pay for online shopping, and pay bills for various services.

Most of the services on the Google Pay platform, which have become an integral part of people’s daily lives, are free of charge. Then many people have the question of how to earn money.

Google Pay platform is mostly used by UPI payment, RBI does not levy any fee for this and has ordered that it should not levy the same. RBI allows all banking and financial institutions to charge processing charges for debit card, credit card, ATM usage, even for borrowing.

But the reason for not charging UPI payments is to take digital transactions in India from metros to small villages, so RBI continues to keep it free. In this case, how does Google Pay generate income..?

Mobile Recharge Commission : Google Pay earns a small commission from mobile operators when mobile recharge is done using Google Pay. This commission is usually 2-3% of the recharged amount.

Commission on bill payments : Google Pay earns a small commission from bill providers when you pay bills using Google Pay. This commission is usually 1-2% of the amount paid. For example, current bill, prepaid bill, and other bills can be paid while earning.

Online shopping commission : When you shop online using Google Pay, Google Pay earns a small commission from online retailers. This commission is usually 2-5% of the value of the purchased items.

Other services : Services like sending money using Google Pay, booking movie tickets, booking hotel rooms etc. will be charged extra.

Ads : Google Pay also earns revenue from ads that appear on Google Pay. These ads are usually displayed based on the user’s search history and user behavior. Similarly, some companies have alliances with them and get income according to the activity.

All in all, Google Pay makes money in several ways. All these methods have made Google Pay one of the most profitable companies in India. This improves Google’s entire ecosystem and strengthens its ad revenue structure.