Political war heats up in West Bengal!

Political war heats up in West Bengal with TMC lodging a complaint with EC.

Hello we’re going to talk about the top stories really of the day and even as we speak right now there is Mamata banerjee’s car right outside the SSKM hospital in Kolkata fueling a lot of speculation about the possible discharge from hospital of the chief minister has been recuperating in the hospital after the accident on the 10th of may which the tmc has called an attack that has been perpetrated by the bjp that’s the allegation of the trinamool congress Mamata banerjee is doing okay is what the doctors say but she’s going to take a while to recuperate because she has a bone injury on her ankle is what the doctors at SSKM hospital have said her other parameters are fine the CT-Scan has been done and she is doing well. she is ok is what the doctors are saying ever since the 10th of march remember Mamata banerjee has been in fact has been recuperating at sskm hospital in Kolkata, now as far as this particular incident or quote unquote attack is concerned the TMC is trying to make the right noises about it they have in fact also launched protests with the election commission yesterday.


they went for the memorandum to the election commission complaining that this has been perpetrated by the BJP the election commission wasn’t impressed today they went back to the election commission again in the national capital so they’re making all the right noises around this the bjp on the other hand has said bring it on procure the CCTV footage get the CCTV footage to show that there were four to five people who have in fact pushed Mamata banerjee on the 10th of march after she filed for a nomination from Nandigram and do it and let’s see what the truth is let the truth come out is what the bjp essentially has said this of course is seeing a lot of back and forth between the TMC and the bjp because this is an issue that the tmc is also obviously a sense to political opportunity in will this sympathy card really work for Mamata banerjee in nandigram only time will tell if I can use that cliche really butyes indeed only time will tell given the fact that suvendu adhikari mamta is our travel and also her who’s contending opposite her from nandigram has said that this is not going to work the temple run will not work the sympathy card will not work he interestingly filed his nomination also today from nandigram and he was being supported and there was a show of strength Smriti irani dharmendra pradhan union ministers were accompanying him in underground today, when he filed his nomination before that he went on a temple run he also went on to tell India today that he’s done work in nandigram and he is the real insider in nandigram didi or Mamata banerjee is a real outsider. it’s an interesting twist because suvendu adhikari remember until december last year not too long ago just about two months ago was mamata banerjee’s closest aid he was the one who’s believed to have scripted her victory in the 2011 elections assembly.


Elections in west bengal where the tmc came to power after mamata’s continuous protest in nandigram in 2007 against land acquisition and that seems to have been the consensus really that that’s really what scripted mamata energy’s success in the west Bengal assembly elections in 2011. in that sense both of these leaders know their moves and will that really help in encountering mamata’s argument. that she in fact is the one who can win underground remember Mamata banerjee has done two things she’s vacated her seat from Bhawanipur, she’s also chosen not to contest from two seats essentially she could have done so that gives her an option in these elections to choose to contest from two seats and see which one she wins really or if she wins both to vacate with the other but she’s not done that she’s only chosen to contest from Nandigram TMC says speaks volumes of the fact that didi is going to be victorious in these elections not just win west Bengal but also win nandi gram for herself and for the trinamool congress shifting focus away from west Bengal.


let’s talk a little more about what’s really happening as far as the country in totality is concerned today was an important development with the prime minister and Ahmadabad he kick-started the 75-year celebrations marking India’s win in fact in India’s victory and India’s independent struggle of course that is a year-long event that the government of India has planned the prime minister kick started the series of programs today that we saw in Ahmedabad to commemorate 75 years of India’s struggle for independence essentially marking India’s independence day next year and that is a program that is going to see 75 events over a period of 75 weeks essentially. That’s significant the prime minister kick-starting that program today, now talking about the prime minister the prime minister’s also just a while ago tweeted about the fact that there is a quad summit today and that is going to happen virtually as always is the case after the pandemic going to be addressing that at 7:00pm in all likelihood the prime minister representing India will be talking about India’s initiatives in the region also various other developments visibly the other countries vaccination mercury is something that is likely going to be the talking point India helping more than 60 countries in this entire region remember will we be able to checkmate china isibilia moves in the quad is a question that remains to be seen given the fact that the quad has been formed with the intention to counter balance.

#COVID19 situation worrisome in India with cases increasing.

China’s growing might in this region essentially that apart from talking about the pandemic also a rather while some situation a story that continues to dominate headlines because Pune is going in for a lockdown a conditional one a partial one at that Nagpur already going in for a lockdown again from the 15th of march all of these developments just bring us back to the situation. that we found ourselves in exactly a year ago when the world health organization on in fact around this time of the year declaring Corona Virus or Covid-19 as a pandemic. so it was an epidemic up until the 11th of march and on the 11th of march the world health organization said that this is a pandemic so it’s been a year since we’ve been dealing with this pandemic and unfortunately it clearly has an upper hand over us so to speak because cases are increasing not just in different parts of the world but in India also with the country reporting once again.


I’m going to take you through the details of more than 23000 cases again and that is rather worrying the government of India continues to say that Maharashtra and Kerala Maharashtra by the way has reported more than 14000 cases these two states alone account for 71.69 percent of the active cases in the country. Kerala, Punjab, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu continue to report an upsurge in the daily number of cases and this is of concern apart from that our vaccination drive is picked up and that is something that India is taking reassurance from well I’m going to apologize for this interruption but that’s it from me for the moment thank you for joining us we’ll, of course, continue to get you all updates all developments visibly elections in West Bengal and also the COVID-19 pandemic because unfortunately the pandemic is uh not declining far from it really in India and many other parts of the world as well thank you.