A Quality Incident by Google Pay, Be careful When Recharging Now. Why?

Google Pay

From villages to cities in India, people have started to embrace digital transactions everywhere. That’s how widespread digital transactions are. It is true that the usage of currency notes is decreasing especially through UPI applications.

Similarly, through these UPI apps, money transfer to each other, payment for small items purchased by visiting the store and paying by zakan is now increasing. In particular, there is no grocery store without a QR barcode scanner.

In this case, it has been revealed that the fee is charged while recharging the Google Pay app. Detailed information about this can be found here. That is, according to the information published on the mysmartprice site, it has been revealed that a convenience fee of 1 percent to 3 percent is charged while recharging through Google Pay.

Now check the Google Pay Convenience Fee details. That means no charges upto Rs.100. But recharge between Rs.100 and Rs.200 will be charged as Rs.1. Rs.201 to Rs.300 will be charged as a fee of Rs.2. Note that Rs.3 will be charged for recharge of Rs.301 and above.

In particular, information has come out that Google Pay is charging this convenience fee only for mobile recharges. Otherwise there is no additional charge for cash transactions made to friends or stores. On the other hand, it is worth noting that apps like Phone Pay and Paytm have also charged an additional fee in the name of Platform Fee.

Also, Google Pay has recently introduced a new loan facility called Sachet Loan. In other words, Google has said that it is going to provide sachet loans (sachet loans) i.e. loans of small amounts through the Google Pay app to help small businesses and businesses.

Small business, companies may require small amounts for day-to-day needs. For this, you cannot go to the banks and get those loans. So Google India has introduced loan facility for them to meet their immediate needs i.e. day to day business needs.

It will provide Rs 15,000 worth of sachet loans to small businessmen in India. It has been reported that Google has partnered with four banks namely Federal, Kotak Mahindra, HDFC Bank and ICICI for this Google Pay Sachet Loan. But Google Pay has launched this new service in only 2 cities.

Especially in this Google Pay app, new features are constantly coming out. Also, this Google Pay app has the best security feature.