Coronavirus Vaccines: Who Shouldn’t Take The Indian Covid Vaccines?

India’s kicked off its vaccination drive this is the world’s largest inoculation drive and so far over 3.8 lakh people healthcare and frontline workers have been vaccinated have received their first dose of vaccination but these vaccines aren’t 100% safe for everyone manufacturers of India’s indigenous. Vaccines that is bharat biotech’s core vaccine, as well as serum institute of India’s covishield, have put out fact sheets for those who can get the job and those who can’t so in this article I’m going to be breaking those details down for you, let’s start off with viral biotech’s covaxin.

Corona Vaccine
Corona Vaccine

who should avoid this vaccine well people who are immune-compromised or those who are on any medication that affects immunity cannot get viral biotech’s core vaccine. those who have any history of allergies must also avoid getting vaccinated by covaxin besides that if anyone is showing any symptoms of fever or has a slight temperature then again they’re not the ideal candidate for this vaccine anyone with a bleeding disorder or if they’re on a blood thinner. bharat biotech has said avoid c ore vaccine, avoid this vaccine then anyone who’s pregnant or is breastfeeding cannot also take the vaccine at this point and that’s because the vaccine hasn’t been used there’s been any trial on anyone who’s been pregnant or on nursing mother so we don’t know yet.


how they’ll react to the vaccine which is why bharat biotech has mentioned them also on their fact sheet now anyone who’s received another corona virus vaccine cannot then jump and then take the barred biotech’s co vaccine that’s a big no and that’s something part of biotech has again made clear any other serious health issues as determined by the health care officer supervising the vaccine can also be identified as something that makes this candidate not ideal for the vaccine. this is mentioned as far as bharat biotech co-vaccine is consenting what about serum institute’s covishield. who should avoid this vaccine well as per their fact sheet anyone who’s allergic to any ingredient in the vaccine and I’m just going to quickly list out.


What are the ingredients of the vaccine it has L-histidine and then L-histidine hydrochloride monohydrate disodium additive dehydrate and water for injection. serum institute has also said that if the first dose of covid she’ll cause an allergic reaction then avoid the second dose under 18 women who are pregnant or breastfeeding also are not ideal candidates for the vaccine covishield. Now importantly both the fact sheets bharat biotech, as well as serum institute of india, has specified that anyone who’s getting the vaccine must detail any health complications or ailments that they’re suffering from to their health care officer or to their healthcare providers here’s a list of all that people should mention their existing medical conditions if they have any allergies if they are at the time of vaccination having temperature if they’re running a fever if their immunity is compromised in any way or if they’re on any medication that affects the immunity also healthcare officers must be informed, if they’ve received another corona virus vaccine.


Now one of the questions that’s most frequently asked is what are the side effects of this vaccine now as far as bharat biotech and serum institute go they have listed the risks they’ve listed the side effects of their respective corona virus vaccines and there are a number of the minor side effects would be swelling would be pain redness itching and all of this where the injection has been administered so those are the minor side effects now the fact sheets also list several other symptoms like stiffness in the upper arm.

where the injection again was administered weakness in the injection arm body ache you’ve go the headache fever fatigue rashes even nausea and vomiting have been listed as side effects of the vaccination so those are the side effects that bharat biotech and serum institute have listed besides the factsheet about who can get the job who can get vaccinated and who can’t I’m with the vaccination drive, we hope that you found this article and all of this information useful.