Full Form of USA – Education & Culture of the USA

Full Form of USA:

United States of America

USA Full Form is United States of America. We are talking about the only superpower of the world, which holds a key position in almost every economical, political, demographical area. It is not just a political super power but also one of most developed nations in the world. Thus, talking about such a nation would be an interesting session for today. The United States of America, which will hereinafter be referred to as the USA throughout the article, is a federal republic comprising 50 states, five main territories, the federal district Washington D.C., and several other possessions.

There are Washington D.C. and 48 states that lie at the center of the North American continent, flanked by Canada and Mexico in north and south respectively. The USA possesses territories, which are spread across the Caribbean sea and the Pacific sea. The USA is a multicultural hotspot, as it witnesses some of the biggest immigrations in the world, particularly from the Asian countries. This makes it one of most ethnically and culturally diverse nations in the world. It is also the third most populated nation in the world, with over 320 million people making it their home. Apart from this, the nation is blessed with diverse climatic and geographical conditions, which have attributed to a vibrant flora and fauna.

Full Form of USA - Education & Culture of the USA
Full Form of USA – Education & Culture of the USA

As mentioned above, the USA is a highly developed country and this is indicated by the fact that it is the world’s biggest economy as far real and nominal GDP is concerned. The nation is known to make the best out of its abundant reserves of natural resources and high work productivity. It is ranked among the top performers in the Human Development Index, military spending, economic well-being, etc. It remains to be one of the biggest manufacturers in the post-industrial era. Not only that, America is known for its high-performing scientific and technological community.

The USA is an interesting nation to read about, considering its rich history and post-industrial rise into a world superpower. The nation has received accolades for its scientific and technologic investments, which remain unparalleled till date, and criticism for its intrusive political and military policies that irk a substantial portion of the governments on earth. Thus, keeping all this in mind, there are five points about the USA that everyone must about. They shall explore some very relevant aspects of this nation, which should interest everyone.

Education in the USA

The American population is among the most educated populations in the world and all of this is credited to the systematically controlled and supervised education system of the country. The USA education system witnesses a stiff competition between public and private education institutions. The public education system is monitored by the state and the local governments under the aegis of the United States Department of Education. In several states, there is a mandate requiring children from the age six to attend schools until they reach the age of 18. There are a few states that have relaxed the mandate and allow children to drop out of school at the age of 16 or 17.

Statistics show that only 2 percent students are homeschooled whereas about 12 percent have enrolled themselves in nonsectarian private schools. It is interesting to note that the US spends impressively on education per student and is unmatched by any other nation in this respect. In the year 2010, it has spent $11,000 ever elementary student and about $12000 every high school student. Statistics also show that 80 percent of college students in the nation attend public universities. The USA is host to many of the top ranking universities in the world and this makes the country a top destination for university courses for those students who belong to less developed, or underdeveloped nations.

Culture of the USA

Culture is an intriguing but defining factor in the US and is often used a trump card in politics, while wooing votes of the immigrants citizens. Why so? The answer has already been given in the introductory paragraphs: the US is one of the most ethnically diverse nations in the world.

Apart from the Native Hawaiian, Native American, and Native Alaskan, almost every American or their forefathers have immigrated in the preceding five centuries. The prevalent American culture is heavily influenced by its European immigrants. Recently, there has been an unprecedented surge in the influx of Asian immigrants, which has given American culture more texture and colors.

Despite the rich diversity, an American cannot disassociate himself or herself from core American culture, which was placed by British colonists. American culture, unlike Asian culture, is individualistic. Americans are known for their strong sense of independence, work ethics, belief in American creed and preference for limited government. Americans are known to be among the most charitable populations in the world, closely followed by the British and the French.

Government and politics in the USA

The USA is a powerful nation, which has often taken benefits from its advantageous position in the world forum. It is a member of almost every notable world organization and is virtually the most powerful determinant in the decision-making process. Why? Because the government and politics that run in the USA affect the political equilibrium internationally. So, it is important we are briefed about some of its political aspects.

It is known to everyone that the United States is the oldest surviving federation in the world. It is a republic, democratic country known for its crusade for independence, liberty, and justice. The system of checks and balances is the key regulator of the governmental set-up and is defined in the Constitution.

In an American political set-up, the citizens are subjected to three strata of government, namely: Federal level, State level, & local level. The duties and functions of the local governments are divided between municipal governments and county. Legislative and Executive officials are elected by means of a citizens’ plurality vote by district. At the federal stage, proportional representation is not established and is rarely found at lower levels.

The structure of the federal government is as follows:

  • Legislative: It is a bicameral set-up made of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
  • Executive: The President is the head of the executive clothed with the character of commander-in-chief of the military. He has the power to veto legislative bills.
  • Judicial: It comprises the Supreme Court and federal courts. The President, with the approval of Senate, appoints judges in these courts.

As far as the party system is concerned, the country has historically operated a two party system. The Republican Party is regarded as Conservative whereas the Democratic party is regarded as the liberals.

Law enforcement in the USA

The matters relating to law enforcement are handled by local police and sheriffs. The largest state police department in the country is the New York City Police Department (abbreviated as NYPD). There are federal agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (abbreviated as FBI), which have established themselves as some of the most efficient and well-equipped police agencies in the world. Capital punishment or death penalty is prevalent in many states. As of the year 2014, the country has witnessed some of the highest numbers of executions in the world. Additionally, the US has highest incarceration rate and hosts the biggest prison population.

Infrastructure of the USA

Well built and smartly organized, the infrastructural facilities of the country are best known. This achievement of the country attracts many developing countries, which are willing to seek its assistance in the developmental activities of their own. The US has one of the longest highway infrastructures in the world; the second biggest automobile market; the highest rate of vehicle ownership, etc. The airline industry is completely private and stands deregulated ever since 1978. In fact, the USA has three largest airlines by passengers carried in the world, with American Airlines being the largest of all. The USA also has a strong energy infrastructure. Most of the energy requirements are met by coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Renewable resources are also utilized.