Full Form of ISDN

Full Form of ISDN

Integrated Services Digital Network

ISDN Full Form is Integrated Services Digital Network. ISND is a given standard for circuit based transfer of data over different media, including copper wire. It has circuit switched connections for voice or data and packet switched connections for data. ISDN supports data transfer up to 64Kbps.


Types of ISDN:

  • Basic Rate Interface (BRI) – This line has two data channels that run on 64kbit/second. Two or more lines can be integrated to increase the speeds. This is usually done for video conferencing.
  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI) – This line has 23 data channels and a speed of 1544kbit/second. This is best used for organizations requiring a large telephonic exchange system.

Benefits of ISDN:

  • Integrated Services of ISDN ensures that it is capable of offering at minimum two simultaneous connections.
  • This can be any collaboration of data, voice, video and fax over one line.
  • Also, several devices can be connected to the line.
  • The requirement for various phone lines is diminished, as one ISDN line is sufficient.


Although having an ISDN may seem like the best thing to do, it does have its share of disadvantages too. In order for the quality of voice and data transmission to be good, an additional cost is usually involved. The billing for ISDN is done in the same way as it’s done for a phone line but there are extra charges for the service. Also, the terminal adapter for an ISDN is more pricey compared to a DSL one.