Full Form of UMTS

Full Form of UMTS

Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

UMTS Full Form is Universal Mobile Telecommunications System. UMTS is the third generation radio technology. It offers mobile broadband, packet-based text transmission, digitalized voice, etc. at data rates up to 2Mbps. Irrespective of the geographic location, UMTS offers services to phone users services that don’t fluctuate. It is considered as a standard of technology by major mobile brands across the world.


UMTS is built from the original CDMA scheme and uses paired or unpaired 5MHz wide channels. However, the globally accepted bandwidth is around 2MHz. UMTS is a complete system in itself, as it includes cell phones, radio waves to create call and data availability, networking equipment for transferring calls and data, billing systems and systems for security, among others. Although the transition to UMTS for GSM operators is a simple process, it is also an expensive one.


The framework is shared with GSM, however, the price to get new licenses and superimposing UMTS at current towers can be quite steep. A big difference of UMTS, when compared to GSM, is the air interface forming GRAN. It allows it to be connected to various networks like the Internet, ISDN, GSM or UMTS network.


Benefits of UMTS:

  • Older cellular technologies were primarily circuit based, which means that the connections depended on the availability of a circuit.
  • UMTS uses the internet to ensure that a virtual connection is always available.
  • Since it has a higher bandwidth, UMTS offers the users the options to video conference or use services like IPTV.
  • As UMTS is assembled on GSM networks, it has the same global roaming facilities.