Full Form of IMAO

Full Form of IMAO

In My Arrogant Opinion

IMAO Full Form represents the Internet slang In My Arrogant Opinion. IMAO is just one of the most commonly used Internet slangs similar to LOL (Laugh Out Loud), ROFL (Rolling On Floor Laughing), and other similar terms. It is slowly gaining popularity in various platforms like SMS, messengers, emails, and various other Internet chat channels. However, there has always been a strong disagreement to the usage of Internet slangs from some of the scholarly authors and literary experts.


Internet slangs have taken over the virtual world. Social networking websites have led to the emergence of weird acronyms, which when expanded turn into meaningful phrases. They are colloquial but are extensively used in daily conversations. One such internet slang we have is IMAO. IMAO, bearing a striking resemblance with one of the most popular internet slangs LMAO, stands for In My Arrogant Opinion. As the expansion suggests clearly, the slang is to be put to use in a rather unfriendly, rude context. It is regarded as a not-so-humble form of the old cliché IMHO or In My Humble Opinion.

Full Form of IMAO
Full Form of IMAO


Another variation bearing a similar meaning is In My Not-So-Humble Opinion, popularly used as acronym IMSHO. As is the case with most of the internet slangs, the use of IMAO is to be limited to informal, daily-to-daily conversation and should not be used in formal settings. IMAO also stands for In My Awesome Opinion, whose use is cocky and condescending in nature. The speaker emphasizes upon the awesomeness of his opinion and that the same remains unmatched in quality. Another meaning of the same is In My August Opinion, whose meaning is in direct contradiction to IMHO because in the former the speaker declares himself to the final authority on the subject concerned. There is a vulgar meaning to IMAO too, which is In My Anal Opinion.


Some of the examples to show the use of IMAO:

  • Meera: Which dress do you like? This one or this one?
  • Sean: IMAO, take whichever you want. We are late already.
  • IMAO, your speech sucked way more than his.
  • I say my friends, IMAO, we should sell off the garage and rent an apartment for the money.
  • IMAO, she has no authority to tell me what I should or should not do.