Full Form of BRB

Full Form of BRB

Be Right Back

BRB Full Form is Be Right Back. BRB indicates the Internet slang Be Right Back is most widely used in internet chat rooms like Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Gmail and other social media platforms. It is perhaps one of the polite abbreviations that respectfully convey that one of the persons in the chat will be out for a brief while. Some even set it as the status signs in their online chat to indicate he or she is not available for a while. This is perhaps one of the most commonly known and used internet slang. May be, because it makes more sense or whatever.


However, one thing is for sure that it is easy to make out the meaning behind this abbreviated term when properly used in context. Without further ado, let us find out what exactly this term stands for. Mind you, the expression is indeed very helpful. It is used when one has to interrupt a conversation or any other form of engagement with another person due to some work. You can conveniently say BRB and whoosh! you are excused.

Full Form of BRB
Full Form of BRB


However, remember this term should not be used in place of Talk to You later (abbreviated as TTYL) which more or less summarizes the ongoing conversation for the time being. BRB puts a halt on the conversation but does not end it. So, do come back after you are done with your work (though very few care about it). Now there can be other contexts in which you can conveniently use the slang. It is advised, however, that BRB or any other internet slangs should not be used during formal conversations. Restrict their use to informal conversations for better.


Some of the ways in which you can effectively use BRB in your conversation are as follows:

  • Meredith: My dad needs my help with something. BRB in a few minutes!
  • Shawn: Are you busy somewhere?
  • Carey: Just hold on. BRB.

BRB Full Form – British Railways Board

Full Form of BRB refers to British Railways Board. BRB was a nationalized industry based in the United Kingdom that functioned from the year 1963 to the year 2001. Until the year 1997, it undertook major railway facilities in Great Britain and traded under the name British Railways. From the year 1965, it traded under the name British Rail. It did not handle railways in areas in Northern Ireland since there the railways were essentially the responsibility of the Northern Ireland’s government. BRB is a statutory corporation that when functioning comprised a chairman and 9-15 members selected by the Secretary of State for Transport.


The Board, now comprising a chairman and just one member, continues to function, holding the French Law benefits and duties of the Channel Tunnel Rail Usage Contract. The BRB was established on January 1, 1963, under the aegis of the Transport Act 1962 by the Conservative Government of Harold Macmillan and inherited the responsibilities of railways of the British Transport Commission. In the year 1997, the BRB underwent privatization, though it continued discharging remnant functions pertaining to non-operational railway land as well as BR pensions. It also has the duties in respect of the British Transport Police.


In the year 1999, Sir Alistair Morton was selected as the last chairman who advised on matters concerning railways matters. With the enforcement of the Transport Act 2000, most of the functions of the BRB were transferred to BRB (Residuary) Limited, which is the wholly owned subsidiary of the Strategic Rail Authority. The BRB had the ownership of a majority of archive material such as maps, papers, photographs, films, etc. In the year 1997, these were dispensed to other bodies such as the British Film Institute, London and the National Railway Museum, New York. A few papers were transferred to the Public Record Office.


Full Form of BRB – Brienz Rothorn Bahn

BRB Full Form stands for Brienz Rothorn Bahn. BRB is essentially a tourist rack railway operating in Switzerland that climbs from Lake Brienz’ eastern end called Brienz to the peak of the BrienzerRothornmountain. The railway line is approximately 7.6 kilometers in length constructed to 800 mm gauge. It makes use of the Abt double lamella rack system for functioning. Interestingly and quite unusual for Switzerland, the railway line does not run on electricity but operated by steam locomotives. BRB stands for the Brienz Rothorn Bahn, though its English variation is the Brienz Rothorn Railway. BRB is presently the fourth biggest railway in Switzerland.


The BRB operations commenced operations on June 17, 1892, following two years of construction period. The railway line was designed by a contractor named Theo Bertschinger and engineer Alexander Lindner who were backed by Roman Abt, a mountain railway pioneer. The railway line connected with the Bruing railway at Brienz, however, the Bruing railway was not stretched westward to Interlaken until the year 1916.


The railway did not run as smoothly as it does today since it faced several financial crises. In the first year, the line was made to handle 25,000 passengers every year however only managed 5,000. In the year 1895, the opening of the Schynige Platte Railway further affected its tourist traffic. Owing to the outbreak of World War I, the operations of the railway line were suspended only to be resumed in the year 1918. The resumption of services incurred a lot of maintenance costs.


BRB Full Form – Banque de la République du Burund

Full Form of BRB stands for Banque de la République du Burund or, in simple English, the Bank of the Republic of Burundi, is essentially the central bank based in Burundi. The bank was founded in the year 1966 and its offices are located in Bujumbura. The Bank actively promotes financial inclusion policy and it also has a membership of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion. BRB is part of 17 regulatory institutions engaged in making particular national commitments to the financial inclusion as per the Maya Declaration made during the 2011 Global Policy Forum organized in Mexico.


The history of the BRB is long since its evolution happened gradually. In the year 1887, the Royal Decree of 27 July founded franc as the money for the Independent State of Congo. The Heligoland Agreement of 1890 placed Burundi and Rwanda in the German dominated region in Africa. As an outcome of the actions of Belgium, the Belgian Congo acquired membership of the Latin Monetary Union in the year 1908. In the year 1909, the Bank of Belgian Congo was founded and three years later, it released its first banknotes.


Burundi and Rwanda were attached to the Congo Franc Zone in the aftermath of Germany’s loss in World War I. The Bank of Belgian Congo and Colony of Belgian Congo established a new relationship in the year 1927. In the year 1952, the Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi Central Bank (abbreviated as BCCBRU) was established. The period between 1960-64 witnessed the formative years of the Banque d’ Emission du Rwanda et du Burundi (abbreviated as BERB), which eventually transformed into the present Bank of the Republic of Burundi in the year 1966.


Full Form of BRB – Benefits Review Board

BRB Full Form BRB stands for Benefits Review Board. It was established under the aegis of the Department of Labor in the year 1972 for the purposes of reviewing appeals concerning administrative law decisions arising under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and the Black Lung Benefits Act and others such as the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, the Non-appropriated Fund Instrumentalities Act, and the Defense Base Act.


BRB is equipped with the authority to resolve appeals coming under these enactments that raise a substantial question of fact or law. It assesses the decisions of administrative law courts for determining whether the findings so pronounced are backed by substantial evidence and law.


The decisions of the BRB are amenable to appeals in the U.S. Court of Appeals in that circuit where the injury happened and from there the appeals can go to the U.S. Supreme Court. As per statute, BRB comprises five members selected by the Secretary of Labour and one of the members is appointed as the Chairman and Chief Administrative Appeals Judge. The mission of the Board to pronounce decisions on the appeals as soon as possible so as to cause minimal prejudice to the parties.


BRB Full Form: Big Red Button

Another term that can be explained as BRB Full Form is the Big Red Button. This is a traditional expression which is associated with reset, power, or a shutdown button. It can also indicate buttons that say ‘do not press’ or as an ejection switch. Most often these red buttons can be found in computing, car ignition, cartooning, etc. The term BRB has been featured in the modern phone applications as well.