Full Form of ROFL

Full Form of ROFL

Rolling on Floor Laughing

ROFL Full Form is Rolling on Floor Laughing. ROFL is a quite popularly used Internet slang to express great amusement. This expression is most often used interchangeably with LOL – Laugh Out Loud. When a person uses the term ROFL, he doesn’t mean that he is literally rolling on the floor laughing. He just tries to convey that something really funny has happened and he couldn’t stop laughing. It is spelt either in all upper case – ROFL or in lower case – rofl. However, if spelt it all upper case it can be misinterpreted as shouting. ROFL and LOL have apparently become an inevitable part of emails, chat messages, and conversations. The innovative smileys and expressive faces that are offered with various applications in devices complement these expressions. There have been constant controversies regarding the usage as these slangs have slowly started creeping into business conversations, which are said to be more formal. In fact, there are people who even use these slangs for oral communications.

Full Form of ROFL
Full Form of ROFL


Modern day slangs are unique as most of them come in small, packed abbreviations, which themselves are very amusing to use. The use of slangs has become increasingly popular with the rise of discussion forums and social networking websites on Internet. People have designed their own set of personalized words that show what they feel at the present moment. One such feeling is over joyousness and utter amusement for which ROFL is perhaps the right slang. It is used usually in those contexts when one cannot contain laughter within oneself or simple, when there is outburst of sudden, uncontrollable laughter. For example, when you read or hear a joke, you might simply summarize all your emotions in just one word “ROFL”.


While the general usage of ROFL is in a comical context, recent trends show that it has been put to use in sarcastic terms as well. Well, you can never tell when the meaning of a slang would change. Also, the slang can be very well used in conjunction with other acronyms such as ROFLEW, which in American context means Rolling on Floor Laughing while eating Waffles. Yes, it does a little stupid because one can come with several unimaginable conjunctions ad nausea but it cannot be helped. These days, virtual citizens prefer to use short but swanky expressions for conversations.


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