Full Form of ICT

Full Form of ICT

Information and Communication Technology

ICT Full Form is Information and Communication Technology. It is an extended term or umbrella term for IT or Information Technology. In fact, it is more to represent unified communications as well as the integration of telecommunications. ICT also denotes the convergence of telephone networks and audio/visual networks with the computer networks. This is done through a single link or cable systems. Academic researchers have been using the term information and communication technology since the 1980s. However, the term ICT came into popular use only after 1997. ICT has been constantly evolving due to the evolving methods, concepts, and applications. ICT is related to retrieval, transmission, manipulation, data transfer, email, robots, digital TVs, and more.

ICT Full Form – Institute for Creative Technologies

Full Form of ICT is Institute for Creative Technologies.

ICT refers to the University of Southern California’s research institute that is situated in Playa Vista, California. The institute was founded in the year 1999 with the help of funds from the United States Army. It was established to ensure the combination of the assets belonging to the major university with the creative resources coming from Hollywood as well as the game industry for the advancement of state-in-art simulation and training. It is essentially an Army University Affiliated Research Center (abbreviated as UARC) and the Simulation Training Technology Center of the Development and Engineering Command United States Army Research is responsible for the management of the contract.


The research conducted in the ICT has resulted in various applications for rehabilitation, entertainment and education, which includes virtual patients, visual effects technologies, and virtual museum guides. Main areas cover virtual humans, learning sciences, mixed-reality, graphics, storytelling, medical virtual reality, and games. A significant number of ICT researchers possess academic appointments at various departments and schools in the University of Southern California. These appointments include associate professors, research professors, and assistant professors in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering, the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences of the Keck School of Medicine, the Interactive Media Division of the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, and the University of Southern California’s School of Gerontology.

ICT has achieved several awards and recognition for its contribution such as the Outstanding Achievement Award in Modeling and Simulation Training Award by the National Training Systems Association (abbreviated as NTSA), SIGGRAPH Significant New Researcher Award, etc. ICT has made an abundant contribution in the research activities and has attained a distinct reputation of its own.