Full Form of LBS

Full Form of LBS

Pound-mass (or) pound

LBS Full Form is Pound-mass or pound. LBS is a unit, which is used to represent the weight or mass of an object. Since it was derived from The Roman term Libra, it is represented by ‘lb’ or ‘lbs’. The term ‘pound’ is taken from Latin, ‘libra pondo’, which basically means ‘a pound by weight’. This is an International term mostly used by the United States system of measurement. Countries that belong to the Commonwealth of Nations agreed on the definitions common to all and those were the yard and pound. 1 lb = 0.453 592 37 kg exactly.

LBS Full Form – Location Based Services

Full Form of LBS is Location Based Services. LBS is basically a class of services relating to a computer program that makes use of location data for controlling features. LBS is like an information service and provides numerous applications in social networking world in the contemporary entertainment service. It is easily accessible with mobile phones by means of the mobile network and those that make use of information relating to the geographical locations of the mobile phone. The service has become all the more important, considering the rampant rise in the use of smartphones. LBS, for that matter, are, therefore, used in many contexts such as indoor object search, health, entertainment, personal life, and work, etc.

The use of LBS is extremely important in governmental organizations and businesses steering real insight coming from the data which is tied to a particular location where specific activities are occurring. One of the most powerful features of LBS is the provision of spatial patterns provided by location-relation services and data. Among many services LBS provides, one is the identification of a location of an object or a person for example discovering the closest ATM or the location of a friend or someone else. It also covers vehicle tracking and parcel tracking services LBS can even cover mobile commerce when it takes the form of advertising or coupons. It also provides location-based games or weather services.

LBS is considered an example of what is called telecommunication convergence. Some of the applications of LBS are navigation to any address, location-based games, assistive healthcare systems, receipt of alerts such as alerts about a sale, contextualized research and learning, locating people, recommending events happening the city, searching for closest ATM, or banks, etc. Thus, LBS has many applications, which are integral in our daily to daily lives.