Full Form of ATS

Full Form of ATS

Anti-Terrorism Squad

ATS Full Form is Anti-Terrorism Squad. ATS refers to a special police force functional in several Indian states including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Bihar, and Rajasthan. The ATS is credited to have foiled several terrorist plots, making it one of the most important police forces in the country. The ATS was established in the state of Maharashtra in the year 1990 by Aftab Ahmed Khan—the then Additional Commissioner of Mumbai Police—who drew his inspiration from the Special Weapons & Tactics (abbreviated as SWAT) of the Los Angeles that undertook methods to fight modern-day terrorism.

Ever since its creation, the ATM officers have won many national honors such as 23 gallantry awards. The ATS was greatly engaged in the unfortunate 26/11 attacks in India. The ATS has maintained a great track record ever since its formation. It had helped Mumbai to reduce its crime rate by a staggering 70 percent. However, despite such accolades, there have been allegations of human rights violations such as shootings and torture. Following several encounters such as the 1991 Lokhandwala Complex Shootout that happened on November 16, 1991, the squad was terminated in the year 1993. Following the termination, Mumbai witnessed a surge in the crime rate and the unfortunate Bombay blasts of 1993.


The primary objectives of the ATS include (1) To gather information regarding anti-national elements in the area of operation, (2) To act in coordination with central information agencies such as the RAW and IB and engage in an exchange of information such as intelligence reports with them, (3) To conduct coordination with similarly placed investigation agencies in the state, (4) To track down and eliminate organized crime syndicates, (5) To detect currency counterfeiting rackets and smugglers in the area of operation.


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