Various Types of Architectural Glass

Architectural glass is generally used to build structures. It is mostly used as a glazing transparent entity in the windows and building envelope of the structure. There are various kinds of Architectural glasses available in the market today for glazing purposes. In this article, we are going to shed light on the different kinds of glasses used as building material available in architectural glass companies in Europe.

Insulating glass: This kind of glass is very effective in heat and energy conservation in a building as it can reflect the heat into the interior from the building. Insulating glasses require double or more glazing to be assembled safely. Sometimes noble gasses like krypton or argon are filled in the inter glass space. This increases the insulating capacity of the insulating glass. With a super insulating coating, the glass can offer more than four times the insulating capacity of single glazing.

Laminated glass: These kinds of glasses are created with various individual glass sheets with plastic films in between. This is done keeping in mind the chances of one being broken. Even if one breaks down, the remaining sheets will be there connected to the main film. It can offer protection from any injury to the window and even protect the interior from gunfire and even explosions depending on its composition.

Wired Glass: A wired glass is created by integrating a metal wire mesh in the main glass. This kind of glass has high flame-controlling properties. In case of a breakage, the wire holds the glass together and in place.

Toughened Glass: In terms of resisting thermal or physical shock, toughened glasses are five times stronger than traditional glasses. Toughened glasses are formed as a product of heat treatment of normal glasses. Even if for some reason a toughened glass breaks, it will shatter itself to very small pieces minimizing chances of injury.

Solar Glass: Coated solar control glasses are great choices to keep your building cool as well as well lit. This kind of glass lets sunlight come through while reflecting the sun’s heat. These are not generally colored controlled glasses but that kind of finishing is added later for aesthetic requirements. Solar glasses are mainly doubled gazed which allows sunlight to enter while preventing heat.

Sound Glass: Sound insulation glasses are installed to prevent noise or sound from passing through. These glasses are ideal for a quiet place adjacent to a noisy road or any other external environment. These glasses are made with double sheets of glass with double PVB in between them.

Industrial Glass: Industrial glasses are used to make industrial buildings keeping in mind special requirements. Electronic displays, active glass, industrial refrigeration, domestic appliances, and shipbuilding are some of the areas which require the use of these special kinds of glasses.

Decorative Glass: Apart from great material qualities, architectural glasses need to have an aesthetically pleasing exterior also to make the building look beautiful. Keeping in mind different requirements, these glasses are made of different colours, designs, opacity levels, transparencies, and surface structures. Various applications including furniture and wall cladding are possible.