Top 10 Trending Diwali Season Games & Activities In 2022

Everyone is eagerly waiting for one such festival in the whole year—the time when we all meet our friends and relatives all together and enjoy the festival of Diwali. We can feel the enthusiasm for the Diwali Celebrations building up as the festival of lights approaches. However, the pandemic has made it challenging to celebrate numerous essential events with friends and family. In comparison, many are confined to other cities and have demanding job schedules. Overall, planning a Diwali celebration or company party on-site is impossible. This is where the divinely inspired concept of a virtual Diwali celebration comes into play!

There are many games played on Diwali, out of which the most popular game played by everyone is Ludo Game Online which is for everyone to play and have fun with.

Diwali A Festival Of Happiness

Diwali, often referred to as Diwali or Deepawali, is a significant holiday observed over five days by people of various faiths, including many Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Muslims, as well as Buddhists in some regions. It is also known as “the festival of lights.”

Numerous Hindus celebrate Diwali by igniting miniature oil lights called “diyas” in honor of Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune and wealth. According to Britannica, the lamps represent the victory of light over darkness and evil.

Incredible Games To Play In Diwali

Top 10 most played games in the exciting time of Diwali across online and offline levels. Which we have shown in the table below and as follows:

Top 4 Online Games To Make Diwali Happiness

  • Card Games For Diwali: Teen Patti

Who enjoys poker games? One of the best online Diwali games available on the internet is Teen Patti, which is regarded as the official card game for the festival. Three cards are dealt to each player. Two methods to play the game are to glance at the cards or play blindly. The player with the best hand is declared the winner. Because of this, seasoned players who use wise betting strategies believe it to be the simplest poker variant. Flush and flash are some names for this card game. Overall, it’s a terrific game where players can wager without any round limits.

  • Diwali Games To Play: Dice & Pawns

The oldest and most thrilling game played during Diwali is dice. Indians enjoy playing this game since it’s so simple to learn. Dice are small, throwable objects with considerable numbers (or other symbols) written on their sides and can rest in different positions. Random numbers are generated using dice. It serves as the primary method of number randomization in such games. Games involving dice are seen as games of chance.

Diwali dice games are available on Ludo Summer in the Ludo real money category. If you used the search button, it would go more quickly.

  • Diwali Card Games: Rummy

On the day of Lakshmi Puja, when the Goddess of Wealth shines upon Indians, rummy is typically played. Her blessings encourage achievement and harmony! So don’t be afraid to try your luck on another gaming platform while enjoying the Diwali festivities!

Rummy is one of the most thrilling Diwali celebration games, despite not being the official holiday card game. Players start the game with 13 cards; their main objective is to arrange the cards in various sequences. The prize is the first person to produce these sequences!

Traditionally, groups of players will gather in person to play this game. However, it could be difficult for players to meet together due to hectic schedules. For this reason, millions of Indians find playing card games on a gaming platform a blessing. Try playing it on a card gaming platform, where you can find it in the Slots department, or use the search bar for a faster result.

  • Diwali Card Games: Poker and Blackjack

With its emphasis on wealth, the Diwali holiday is celebrated as an auspicious day to play cards, including poker and blackjack. Additionally, Indians think those who don’t gamble on Diwali will be reborn as donkeys in their subsequent lives. Therefore, if you plan to enjoy this day, register with the Poker gaming site and play online poker or blackjack.

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Unique 6 Activities To Do In Diwali

  • Handmade Greeting Cards

How about using some paint and paper to encourage kids to create some cards by hand? It certainly sounds cool.

You can display some downloadable photographs to your children to encourage them to create these greeting cards.

The abundance of greeting cards on the internet might inspire children to create personalized cards with images of their loved ones and friends.

  • Creative Expressions

Diwali is an excellent holiday to encourage your children’s artistic tendencies.

You might urge your children to create poetry and essays on the Diwali celebrations if you observe that they have a passion for language.

Posting their writings on your blog or Facebook page so that your friends and family may read and remark on their gift of expression is another action that might boost their writing abilities.

  • Girly Staff

With young girls, try out this exercise. You may inspire her to create unique jewelry pieces like necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and rings by gathering pistachio shells.

They can also be given the notion to cut up kiwi fruits, dry them, and then use the slices to construct lovely earrings and necklaces.

Glitters, threads, and paints are craft supplies that can be utilized to create stunning pieces of handmade jewelry.

  • Colors To Beautify Your relationships

The Rangoli is the most adored work of art by every child on the block and is the light and glitter of every Indian event.

Encourage your students to create unique Rangoli designs. Create teacher-student teams in your school and plan a competition.

Then, each group will compete against the other to display its spirit of innovation and creativity through its Rangoli. This necessitates a significant student-teacher connection activity.

  • Role Play Or Storytelling

The myths surrounding the Diwali festival invariably demonstrate how good overcomes evil.

There is a tonne of mythological stories that support the importance of the celebration.

Schools can hold “relive the mythology” competitions where students are urged to recount episodes from the epics to raise awareness of the virtues and lessons found in Vedic literature.

  • The Beauty Of Paper Firecrackers

Diwali is a fun holiday, but it also has a negative side brought on by the burned firecrackers throughout the celebration.

Along with encouraging children to work on a “Go Green Diwali Project,” you may get them involved in fun craft projects.

You can sit next to them while helping them make lovely paper rockets and sparklers.

Once finished, you may proudly hang all of these handmade items on your walls to give your home that much-desired festive appearance.

In The Ending

Diwali celebrations are approaching, and now all friends, family, and relatives will be together. At the time when everyone will spend time by playing the game together. Diwali would be an apt festival to learn about many things while spending this festival most memorably.