Choose Ukraine Dedicated Server and Upgrade your Online business Website.

You are ready to start your online business in Ukraine, and your search for a web hosting service has led you to us. You can know that you have found the right place. Here Onlive Server offer our customers fast, reliable, secure, and affordable services to help build your online business.

They provide web hosting solutions for individuals and businesses in Ukraine. Its dedicated servers allow you to transfer all your files and applications from one location to another without the risk of losing them in case of a server failure. However, if you need more performance or storage space, they also offer complete customization solutions that allow you to scale up as needed.

Their easy-to-use control panel offers all the tools needed for managing your site’s content, users, security, and more. And they provide unlimited bandwidth on all plans, so you can use what you need without paying extra fees. You can choose between our standard methods or upgrade if necessary.

Why is Ukraine Dedicated Server perfect for business websites?

The idea of a dedicated server is to offer more resources than shared hosting. The server has more memory, processor speed, and disk space. This will allow you to run multiple applications without affecting other users or the server itself.

Dedicated servers are ideal for those who require a high level of security, increased traffic, and reliability. They are designed specifically for your business needs, so you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure. You can also choose a dedicated server if you have high bandwidth requirements because they have extra bandwidth available compared to shared hosting plans.

You will also benefit from faster speeds than shared hosting as there is no contention over limited resources with many other users on the same server. You will also get much more control over your domain name, which means you can manage it directly from your web host.

How to Select the Right Dedicated Server Hosting Plan

Before choosing a hosting plan, you must understand what you need. What kind of website do you have?? What features do you need, and how often will they be used?

Here are some things to consider when selecting your dedicated server hosting plan:

Website size: The more extensive your website, the more resources it will require. A large site with many users may require multiple servers, for example.

Server requirements: Your site needs to use enough resources to perform well and keep up with traffic and other sites on the Internet. This can mean that you’ll need more than one server or that multiple servers might be required if your site uses a lot of RAM or CPU.

Bandwidth requirements: The more extensive your website is and the more visitors there are, the greater the bandwidth required by each visitor.

WordPress Installation: The ability to install WordPress on your website without paying extra for it separately. This includes basic security settings like enabling automatic updates for WordPress.

Having a Dedicated Server can help you accomplish several things:

Preventing Bandwidth Issues: Since only one user can access your site at any given time, bandwidth issues are prevented since there will always be enough bandwidth available for all visitors with no lag time experienced when accessing websites on shared hosting accounts due to multiple users accessing the same website at once or when too much traffic comes in suddenly causing problems.

Speed up your website: A dedicated server allows you to host more than one domain name or website. Each site will load faster because fewer servers are involved in the loading process.

Improve customer service: Your customer service department will be able to handle more customers with more rapid responses because of the faster loading time of your website.

Increase security: A dedicated server in Ukraine has more robust security features than shared hosting services because many different individuals or companies do not share it. It also comes with firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other security measures that help protect against hackers from breaking into your system.

High performance: Because of their high-end specifications, they can handle large amounts of traffic with relative ease, which makes them ideal for enterprise environments or websites that need maximum performance and reliability.

What Features do Dedicated Servers Have?

Dedicated servers have a lot of features that make them more than just the primary virtual server. Here are some of the essential components:

Performance and Reliability

Dedicated servers offer high performance and reliability. The hardware configuration is optimized for your application, so it can run faster, perform better, and be more secure than other virtual servers. You can also choose between several different servers depending on your needs.

High Availability

High availability means having multiple servers to ensure that your website or application is always available to users, even if one server fails or stops responding. Dedicated servers offer this high availability through automation and redundancy, so they’re not dependent upon any single server failing or stopping responding.

24/7 Support

Dedicated servers come with 24/7 support directly from the provider. Hence, you never have to worry about contacting someone unfamiliar with what you need for your site to run efficiently.

Unlimited Bandwidth 

You get unlimited bandwidth and disk space on your dedicated server. This means you can use all the resources you need without worrying about running out of reach or bandwidth.

Dedicated IP Address 

Your website will have an individual IP address that only belongs to your site, so there will be no chance of sharing with other sites. This makes it very easy for customers to navigate around your site and find what they are looking for.

Fast SSD storage with RAID protection 

This is one of the main features of dedicated servers that make them faster than most other services on the market. The faster your storage gets, the better performance you’ll get out of your website or application. This means that your site will load faster and be less likely to crash because it has too much traffic on it at once.


If you want to make your successful business website with a simple one-click install of Dedicated Server Hosting in Ukraine, you are at the right place. Your DDoS-protected cloud hosting servers will be placed in one of the data center facilities in Kyiv, Ukraine’s city center. Your website visitors will enjoy the high-speed connection and smooth surfing on your website. All your traffic will be transferred by peering to any country worldwide without compromising speed and performance.