Watch Dogs: Legion’s Online Co-Op Mode

Watch Dogs: Legion’s Online Co-Op Mode

Recently, Ubisoft rolled out the multiplayer co-op mode for Watch Dogs: Legion for Xbox, Pc, and PlayStation. This update came unexpectedly as the title was released six months before. The game is set within a fictionalized representation of a futuristic, dystopian London where a surveillance state rules the state. 

Besides co-op, watch Dogs online mode also provides players with a PVP experience. Players will have to start from scratch when they load up multiplayer for the first time as their recruits and tech points from the game’s campaign will not carry over. The online mode will drop players in the same map they are familiar with from the single-player mode but this time they can be joined with three more players to assist ‘DeadSec’ in taking back the city from the surveillance state. The online mode offers three different co-op missions. 

Solo Missions: The best way to start earning Influence Points as a beginner. The solo objectives provide players with simple tasks including hacking a computer or eliminating targets. These objectives will randomly appear on the player’s map and they cannot be shared between users.

Basic Co-Op Missions:  The level-up from solo missions, basic co-op missions can be completed by two to four players. The mission will drop players at a guarded outpost and they will be provided with a handful of objectives to complete like eliminate guards or hack laptops to get information. These missions reward group influence points.

Tactical Ops Missions: By far the hardest missions in the game, the tactical ops missions require a full squad.  These missions will need players to perform simultaneous tasks so talking to each other via voice comms is necessary. Also, the squad has to restart the mission if a single player dies. 

PVP mode

Watch Dogs: Legion’s PVP mode is called Spider-Bot Arena. Players have control over their own spider bots in a free for all deathmatch. Like any other deathmatch, the main objective is to kill as many spider bots as possible and survive the longest. Random loot boxes spawn during the match providing players with weapons, defensive items and, power-ups. The winner is chosen based on the number of eliminations. He is rewarded with the most Influence Points. 

The online co-op mode for Watch Dogs: Legion faced mixed reception from its audience. While many players loved the new concept of spider-bot deathmatch as a PVP arena, many people were disappointed as they expected more from the newly released title. However, the co-op missions are really cool and we really encourage new players to try out the game with their own squad. It’s really fun when you play with your buddies.