SSLC Full Form

Full Form of SSLC :

Secondary School Leaving Certificate

SSLC Full Form is Secondary School Leaving Certificate. It is a certificate acquired by a student who completes the secondary school level. This is obtained on completion of the 10th-grade public examination in India. The Indian school system basically comprises of 5 years of primary schooling and 5 years of secondary schooling.

Full Form of SSLC
Full Form of SSLC

Obtaining an SSLC certification declares a student to have completed the basic schooling. Further, the student decides on which subject or branch of studies he or she wishes to choose in higher secondary and degree courses. After obtaining Secondary School Leaving Certificate, a student can go for Higher Secondary School (or) take up Diploma courses. SSLC is formulated by regional board of education affiliated with the school. It is regarded as one of the most important steps of basic education.