Planning Your Retreat: A Guide To Jain Farms Accommodations And Amenities


When willing to come out of the daily hustle and bustle, people often plan to escape in the lush green, open-air environment. Taking some time out in nature is the best way to hit rejuvenation. That’s exactly the reason why Jain Farms is considered as an oasis of tranquility and natural beauty settled in the outskirts of the city. Its establishment in the natural setup sets the tone of your rejuvenating journey and its accommodation and basic amenities are worthwhile enough for deep appreciation. Let’s begin with the comprehensive guide to Jain Farms accommodations, and amenities, helping you plan for a perfect retreat.

Satisfactory Comfort and Natural Beauty

The strategy of developing a well-constructed setup surrounded by lush greenery, beautiful gardens, and serene water bodies is a getaway for the most needed retreat. When planning for a retreat, consider the types of accommodation it provides that fulfill your tastes and preferences. here are some accommodation types:


The cottages here in Jain Farms are a blend of country life and modern comfort. These private dwellings are well-equipped with basic amenities, which one requires for a comfortable stay. Each cottage is designed so beautifully keeping in mind mother nature and accessible convenience of home. Overall, it immerses you in nature with its artistry views of verandas and beautiful gardens.


This setup is more leaning towards giving a unique experience. Jain Farms’ enchanting treehouse lets you sleep on the branches of the sturdy trees, giving you a wonderful overview of the nearby landscape. It is perfect for those who are looking for an adventure during their time of stay.


If you show up with large numbers of people, let say your friends or family, then consider booking a farmhouse accommodation. It is equipped with big spaces, dedicated to multiple bedrooms, living areas, and kitchens. The farmhouse is perfect for family retreats and group vacation.


If you are up for a hands-on experience, staying up close in nature, and being raw, then opt for the tent accommodation. The Jain Farms tents are well appointed with comfortable bedding, ensuring you a cozy night and restful experience. Then wake up to the sound of chirping birds in the morning, while getting exposed to the natural light of the sun.

Amenities for Relaxing Retreat

Besides attractive accommodations, Jain Farms equally provide a range of amenities to enhance your retreat experience.

Yoga and Meditation Centre

Retreat’s aim is to silence the speaking mind and feel the stability inside the body. Here in Jain Farms, the experienced yoga instructors help you gain that peace of mind through different yoga asanas and mindful meditation, allowing you to reconnect with your inner self.

Swimming Pool

These pools are a wonderful way of cooling your body and relaxing your mind especially during the summer days. You can enjoy taking a leisurely swim in the midst of nature.

Ayurvedic Spa

Pamper yourself through an experience of traditional Ayurvedic treatment on-site. Their expert’s provided therapeutic massages and wellness therapies are way too good to feel refreshed and energized.

Adventure Activities

When maximum wish list boxes are ticked, then why stay behind in adventure activities? Jain Farms offers adventure activities like bullock cart ride, rock climbing, and zip-lining. These activities can add thrill to your retreat journey.

Nature Walks

The beautifully paved nature trails in the garden are perfect for an outstretched nature walk. This way you can explore and understand the regional Biodiversity, including birdwatching and plant identification.

Organic Farm Tour

The Jain Farms organizes a guided farm tour for its visitors, explaining to them the rich qualities of organic foods and the process that goes behind in producing them. Basically, this tour can expand your inside knowledge on sustainable agriculture.

Culinary Delights

Help yourself savor delicious meals and breakfast that are usually made by fresh organic ingredients. Enjoying mouthwatering dishes with your friends and family in an outdoor setup, is a beautiful experience to have in your retreat journey.

Campfire and Entertainment

You can end your day with an extremely joyful evening through well organized cultural performances and entertainment. It’s a beautiful moment to capture as the stars glimpse over your head.

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To book a retreat at Jain Farms, contact them through their official website or else talk to their reservation team. This venue is highly recommended for a memorable escape which is well equipped with varieties of accommodations and qualitative amenities. They ensure fulfilling your basic needs through their well-behaved staff and shower you with their delicious delicacies. So, wait no more in booking your slot with them.