Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga Hindu Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga Hindu Temple

Today for the occasion of Maha Shivaratri, we have collected some information details about the most popular and huge Lord Shiva’s temple across the country for all the devotes of Lord Shiva. What we are about to talk is the temples and today we are going to provide you all the mandatory details about Madhya Pradesh’s well known temple that is Omkareshwar Temple. This temple is situated on the Mandhata’s mountains in Malva area. Out of 12 Jyotilinga, one Jyotirlinga is in this temple. Basically this temple is situated on the south of river Narmada.

Historical Reason Behind Omkareshwar Temple

Omkareshwar Temple
Omkareshwar Temple

We are sure that knowing historical things about our rituals, religion and temple is an interesting thing so today we will be talking about Omkareshwar temple. Shiva Purana portrays the enormity of Omkareshwar and Mammaleshwar. It says, two children of the sun tradition Mandhata – Ambarish and Mucchkund honed extreme compensation and starkness’s here and satisfied Lord Shiva. They likewise performed incredible religious gives up in this spot in light of which the mountain is named Mandhata. An alternate well known legend says that sometime in the distant past Vidhya Parvat rehearsed serious atonement and venerated Parthivarchana alongside Lord Omkareshwar for about six months. Therefore Lord Shiva was satisfied and favoured him with the longing help. On the genuine solicitation of every last one of divine beings and the sages Lord Shiva made two sections of the lings. One half being Omkareshwara and the other Amaleshwara or Amareshwar. Some researcher say, King Mandhatha of the Ishvaku tribe is accepted to have adored Shiva here. Additionally, Govinda Bhagavatpaada, the Guru of Shankaracharya is accepted to have existed in a hole here.

Importance of Omkareshwar Temple –

Omkareshwara Temple is placed at a separation of around 12 miles from Mortakka in Madhya Pradesh. An extraordinary gimmick of the area of Omkareshwar Temple is that the waterway Narmada limbs into two and structures an island Mandhata or Shivapuri in the middle. The state of the island takes after that of the visual representation of the Omkara sound, Om. There are two sanctuaries here, one to Omkareshwar and one to Amareshwar. The Omkareshwar Temple is inherent the Nagara style and is portrayed by an elevated shikhara. There are likewise holy places to Annapurna and Ganesha here. Before entering the sanctuary one needs to pass through two rooms. The Omkareshwar is not appended to the ground however is regularly introduced there. There is dependably water around it. The noteworthiness of this linga is that the linga is not arranged underneath the dome. The symbol of Lord Shiva is arranged on the highest point of the sanctuary. The sanctuary can be arrived at by ship from the banks of the waterway. An immense reasonable is sorted out here upon the arrival of Kartik Poornima.