Link Research Tools functions and modules

A competent link analysis needs highly functional instruments for measurement and evaluation. The Link Research Tools from Cemper provide a whole bundle of specialized SEO tools for this purpose. The link builder and link manager can choose from ten different analysis tools. Read here what the individual modules can do.


Backlink profile with in-depth analysis

Would you like to find out which internal and external links exist on your website and not bother with some superficial information? The Backlink Profiler in the Link Research Tools gives you a detailed look behind the scenes. For example, you can display all of the domain registration details of set backlinks and query the origin of the link by city and region. The in-house Cemper Juice Metric also offers a variety of points of reference for assessing the quality of external links. Furthermore, data evaluations from SEOmoz, SEMRush and Majestic are integrated.

But that’s not all. You can also determine your link profile based on Google Page Rank, Sistrix Visibility Index and many other SEO metrics. Lots of material that you can use for consistent link building in a wide variety of contexts.


Compare competition with the Competitive Landscape Profiler

It can also be useful for building your own backlinks to know the link profile of indirect and direct competitors. Another link research tool, the Competitive Landscape Profiler, helps. With this analysis tool you can determine the link structure of selected websites and make some interesting comparisons. The tool compares your own domain with that of your competitors. In this way you can see where you are particularly well positioned and where you may still have some catching up to do.


Common backlinks tool

This work will be made even easier if you use the Common Backlink Tool. With a quick look you can find out which backlinks you and the comparison site have in common (you can also compare any other websites with one another). Instead of laboriously fishing it out yourself in a single pass, the tools from Cemper present these backlink matches to you fully automatically. This is of course eminently time-saving. At the same time, the already mentioned SEO metrics for link evaluation are available in the results view.


Link Juice Thief

Using the next tool in the Analysis Suite is similarly practical. The Link Juice Thief searches for all those links that link from the selected competing websites to third-party offers. The link profile of a website includes not only the incoming, but also the number and quality of the outgoing links. Therefore the fine Link Juice Tool can turn out to be a real treasure trove for the link builder. Websites found in this way are of course also a sensible option as new backlink sources.


Missing Links Tool

The Missing Links Tool, which punctually lists which important backlinks you are missing, enables you to complete the backlink comparison to market competition. Together with the Common Backlinks Tool and the Link Juice Thief, you can compare your entire link structure in all directions. The missing links can close crucial gaps that currently separate you from your competitors. Little by little you fill up these shortfalls with regular use of the Link Research Tools.


Link Juice Tool

The Link Juice Tool allows further in-depth analyzes of your link popularity. Here, for example, you can extenso test and evaluate the various evaluation parameters of the Cemper Juice metric. For example, you can see whether a website appears to be more valuable (“Juice”) or less valuable (“Juice -”) for a backlink, in each case according to the Cemper Juice Indicator. You can also use the page search function in this tool to find out which websites can be particularly worthwhile for which keywords.


Strongest Sub Pages Tool

It continues with the backlink and page analysis with the Strongest Sub Pages Tool, which enables you to filter out those subpages of a domain from up to 1,000 that are best suited for linking. Criteria such as content quality and position in the internal website and link structure are included in the evaluation. The subpages with the highest link strength are shown in a clear list.


Link Juice Recovery Tool

Finally, the Link Juice Recovery Tool has a function that is as simple as it is meaningful. This is because it is intended to search websites for dead and non-existent links. In this way, you can avoid lavishly organized backlinks suddenly going nowhere and not benefiting from the link popularity at all. The Cemper Research Tools also offer you a .htaccess generator, for example to forward such links to your home page.


Link Alerts

Of course, it is a constant challenge if you want to keep your website in good shape and optimize it further by means of link analysis. It is therefore helpful that the Link Alerts automatically inform you in real time about new backlinks on your website. The notifications are imported into the software and can also be subscribed to on a weekly basis by email. Your link data is always up to date and you can protect yourself from unwanted backlinks.


SERP Link Prospecting Tool

The tenth and final backlink tool of the Cemper Suite is again such an independent analysis solution that the module can also be obtained as a stand-alone application. Across various selectable online sources, this module searches for attractive backlink options that may not have been the focus of attention until now. While tools such as the Competitive Landscape Profiler concentrate on direct competing sites, the SERP tool focuses on an even wider range of link sources. The active search can be specifically limited to selected time periods. By entering the preferred search phrases and keyword combinations, a link search is carried out for up to 20 search terms.