Advantages of the CMS software Contao

Do you already know Contao? If not, maybe you should change that. Because the free open source system offers many interesting features for content management. In any case, the CMS system has already received some positive feedback in specialist circles. Really never heard of it? This may also be due to the fact that Contao previously operated under the name Typolight. We cast a short spotlight on the software and show you what Contao can offer you.


Contao features to choose from

  • Text editor: One of the functions of the CM software is, for example, a rich text editor, which is useful for setting and editing text content. An automatic spell check is integrated here. In addition, you can easily move and copy content back and forth in Contao.
  • Online forms: The CMS system also comes with a practical form generator. With this tool, it is very easy to include response fields, contact forms and much more on the website. Direct e-mailing can be linked to this on request. The form generator can be very useful for a wide variety of applications.
  • Flexible rights system: You are probably not the only one working with your content management system, you have other employees. Well-done administration management can then be worth real gold and make work processes significantly easier. Contao has a differentiated rights system that can be specified for multiple users and user groups. Also advantageous for online editorial offices.


Contao used to be Typolight

The content management software also offers numerous other functions. For example, a full-text search is on board, with which the entire page inventory can be searched. Separate blog and newsletter modules also make efficient work with the CMS system much easier and create a complete website in no time at all. Last but not least, one of the great advantages of the software is that Contao supports multilingualism. This means that the former Typolight alias Contao can also be used ideally in an international context.


CMS system with expandability

In addition to this impressive basic equipment, Contao can also be upgraded with additional extensions and plugins. This enables you to supplement the system with ready-made widgets, tools and modules specifically for your requirements. Whether an optional backup module, a reCaptcha form field or a wizard for inserting tag clouds, there are many options here. Would you like to know how the software works under real conditions? Then just take a look at the online demo, which will give you a good idea of ​​the look and feel of the software.


Contao conference and Typolight user meeting

By the way, every year there is a Contao conference (formerly: Typolight user meeting) for all users and interested parties, which is enjoying an increasing number of participants. If you would like more information about the CMS system, just talk to us or click through here on the Contao page.