Jim Corbett National Park | Wild life of India

About Jim Corbett National Park 
Jim Corbett National Park is situated 63 km southwest of Nainital, in Uttarakhand. This park was established as the first national park of India in 1936 under United Provinces national Parks Act. The park was then named Hailey National Park and was later renamed as Jim Corbett National Park, after the name Jim Corbett(the savior of simple folk of Kumaon and Garhwal). The park covers a total area of 521 sq km. 
Jim Corbett National Park
Jim Corbett National Park

The topography of the park is highly varied and includes plateaus, temporary marshes, and ravines. The area has over 110 species of trees with Sal trees dominating lower areas and rest with Sheesham, thick grasses, Ber(Zizyphus mauritians), Dhak(Butea Monosperma),Jhingan (Lannea Coromandelica) Khair(Acacia Catechu) and few species of Grewia and Rohini (Mallouts Philippinesis). 

The Jim Corbett National Park has 50 species of mammals, 580 species of birds and 25 species of reptiles.
  • Mammals
    Though the Corbett national Park is famous for the large number of Tigers, Elephants and Leopards, it has various other animals that add to the over all population of the forest . These include jungle cat, fishing cat, porcupine, wild dogs, sloth bear, Himalayan black bear ,jackal, yellow throated marten, spotted deer Chital, Himalayan palm civet, indian gray mongoose, common otter, and black naped hare.
  • Birds
    The park also has over 580 species of birds. Most of the water birds are the migrant variety, and arrive in winters and few are resident birds. The migrating birds are include the duck, graylag, bareheaded goose, grepe, sandpiper, gull snipe, and wagtail. The residents include egrets, cormorants, darters, herons, and the black-necked stork.
  • Reptiles
    The reptiles, inhabitants are gharial, and a few species of turtles and tortoises, viper, cobra, Indian panther, and king cobra.
Jim Corbett National Park - Wild life of India
Jim Corbett National Park – Wild life of India


Other Nearby attractions
With in the vicinity of the Corbett National Park are the wildlife sanctuaries like Rajaji National Park and Dudhwa National Park Besides the park the nearby area for visit includes Ramnagar, situated in the rich farm belt of Terai, Nanital, the beautiful hill station and the hills of Pauri Gharwal.
Things to do
  • Bird watching
    Corbett national park is the Bird lovers Paradise where you can see various species of birds like parakeets, owls, orioles, drongos, bulbuls, thrushes, babblers, cuckoos, doves, rollers, bee eaters, flycatchers, warblers, chats, robins, finches, forktails, hornbills, kingfishers and many many more. It is also one of the best places in the world for observing birds of prey.
  • Watch vanishing creatures
    You can avail the opportunity of watching some endangered species like hog deer, which are kept safe and thriving in the protective environment of Corbett Park .
  • Safari
    The elephant back safari makes your visit more enjoyable and adds adventure. For penetrating deeper into the forest jeeps are also available but they cannot get close to the wild animals.
Ideal Time to Visit
The best visiting season of Corbett National Park is from mid November to June. The park remains closed between June 16 and November 14, since the road links are cut due to monsoon flood. 

Where to Stay
The accommodations are available at Dhikala , and forest rest houses, resorts in Ramnagar -Ranikhet road. Provision for stay at caravans and tents are also there. Besides. The tourists also have option to stay at accommodations available in the nearest town Ramnagar. 

How to Reach
One can reach here by Air, by road or by train.
  • By Air
    The nearest airport is Phoolbagh, in Pantnagar which is at a distance of 50-kms.
  • By Road
    By road one can go via Dhikala which is 300 kms from Delhi and 50 km from Ramnagar. Delhi Transport corporation buses have a regular service and run semi deluxe service.
  • By Train
    There is no direct service of train thus road transport has to be availed to reach to the destination.