Full Form of WAP

Full Form of WAP:

Wireless Application Protocol

WAP Full Form is Wireless Application Protocol. WAP is a technically standard set of protocols that are mainly used in the sector of communication. It ensures that the wireless device users such as mobile phone users can gain access to the internet and other services that are available online.

WAP is a secure specification that is supported by every type of operating systems. WAE (Wireless Application Environment

), WSL (Wireless Session Layer), WTLS (Wireless Transport Layer Security) and WTP (Wireless Transport Layer) are the four functioning layers of WAP. Most of the wireless networks like CDMA, GSM. TDMA, PHS, CDPD support WAP.

Full Form of WAP
Full Form of WAP

This initiative was primarily started by Ericson, Nokia, Motorola and Unwired Planet. WAP ensures the interoperability of the corresponding equipments and software that use different networking technologies. It is not a formal standard protocol. WAP is designed to allow handheld-device users to use internet on devices that have less powerful CPUs, less memory, different input styles and it provides less power consumption ability, smaller displays.

Less bandwidth, more latency, less stability in connections and less availability in prediction constrain wireless networks that use WAP. Yet, WAP offers its users with internet and web applications interactivities such as e-mail service on phone, sports updates, stock market updates, news updates, music and video download and many more.