Full Form of TAT

Full Form of TAT

Turn Around Time

TAT Full Form is Turn Around Time. TAT represents the time taken in order to fulfill any request. In computing, TAT refers to the total time between the program or process submission, execution, and the completed output handed over to the end customer. TAT might just deal with total time taken between input and output. In other words, TAT is one of the measures used to assess the scheduled algorithms of operating systems. In non-computing context, for instance; in a laboratory, TAT is the time taken for the result of a test or experiment. This applies to all kinds of labs including the medical lab, commercial lab or public health labs.

TAT Full Form – Transcontinental Air Transport

Full Form of TAT is Transcontinental Air Transport.

TAT was a former airline that was established in the year 1928 by Clement Melville Keys. The airline eventually merged with Western Air Express in the year 1930 that lead to the formation of TWA (which stands for Trans World Airline). With the help of Charles Lindberg, Clement created a transcontinental network for the purposes of getting government airmail contracts. Following this, Lindberg founded several airports across the country.


In the year 1929, the transcontinental trips commenced. The trips, in the beginning, offered a 51-hour plane or train trip having the Pennsylvania Railroad as the first leg, overnight from New York to Columbus in Ohio. In Columbus, the passengers would then board a Ford Trimotor aircraft stationed at Port Columbus International Airport, which made stops at St. Louis, Indianapolis, Kansas city, Wichita, and a final stop at Waynoka in Oklahoma. In Waynoka, the passengers would then catch the Santa Fe Railway that was an overnight journey to Clovis in New Mexico. In Clovis, the passengers would be then again boarding the Ford Trimotor Flight bound to Albuquerque, Az, Winslow, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

The one-way route fare from NY to LA was $338. The slogan of the airline was “Harnessing the Plane and the Iron Horse.” The Ford Trimotor flight was one of the foremost flights to provide en route meals and was directed towards the provision of passenger service rather than airmail service. On 3 September in the year 1929, a TAT flight crashed in New Mexico, which killed everyone on board. The crash is often considered as the first-ever crash of a flight flying on a regular commercial route. With the following few months, two more crashes of TAT flights happened to lead to loss of many lives.