Full Form of SDRAM

Full Form of SDRAM

Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory

SDRAM Full Form is Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. SDRAM is a sort of random access memory with a synchronous interface that carries data between the CPU and memory with the help of a system. SDRAM is an upgraded version of DRAM. SDRAM waits for the signal before responding to the commands on input controls. The new interface of DRAM is equipped with double data transfer rate using the edges of the clock as a signal. It is synchronized with the clock of the processor. SDRAM sends signals at the speed of one per cycle.


DDR transfers data at a speed of 2 per clock cycle. SDRAM and DDR use the same frequencies. SDRAM has a 64-bit module &a 168-pin memory module (dual inline). SDRAM access time ranges from 6 nanoseconds to 12 nanoseconds. SDRAM has replaced dynamic random access memory (DRAM) as well as EDO RAM over a period of time. SDRAM allows greater concurrency and high data transfer rates. It is possible to send additional instructions during the delay period called latency in the SDRAM.


SDRAM was implemented by Samsung in the year 1993. DRAM was replaced by SDRAM in 2000.SDRAM concept was earlier used in Intel computers. SDRAM received universal acceptance immediately (within 4 years) after its introduction in 1996. The benefits and features of SDRAM enabled increased bandwidth and efficiency. The popularity SDRAM began to vanish slowly with the advent of DDR as it was cheaper and cost effective. SDRAM is capable of keeping both the sets of memory open simultaneously. It transfers data alternately from one set and then other. SDRAM operates in a more complex way than an asynchronous DRAM.


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