Full Form of DML

Full Form of DML

Data Manipulation Language

DML Full Form is Data Manipulation Language. A data manipulation language (DML) is the most extensively used DB language for manipulating data in a database. Perform read-only queries of data is also considered a component of DML.


The manipulation includes selecting, inserting, updating, deleting etc. It also includes feeding data into the database, exploring existing data or performing modification in the data. DML is incorporated in SQL (Structured Query Language) in a relational database.Data manipulation languages are of two types, procedural programming, and declarative programming.

Data manipulation languages were initially developed for computer programmers but with the advancement of SQL, it interactively used by database administrators. DML has simple English language and enhances user interaction with system efficiently. The commands like SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE FROM, INTO etc. are frequently used. These commands are widely used for routine database operations.


  • SELECT: This command allows retrieving of specific information from an operational database. The syntax is SELECT
    from [table “” not found /]
    where [conditions]. SELECT is the most frequently used DML command in SQL.
  • UPDATE: This command modifies data of numerous records whether in a bulk or individually. An update command syntax is UPDATE [table “” not found /]
    where [condition].
  • INSERT: This is the most commonly used command that helps in populating the table. It inserts the requisite fields in the table rows. The insert command syntax is: INSERT INTO [table “” not found /]
    VALUES [value];
  • DELETE: The delete command or statement is used to delete records from a table. You can either delete complete records or specific record by giving suitable WHERE condition. The syntax is: DELETE FROM [table “” not found /]
    where [condition].