Full Form of RTO

Full Form of RTO

Regional Transport Office

RTO Full Form is Regional Transport Office. RTO is one of the bureaus of the Government of India, which was established under the act of 1988. The primary responsibility of RTO is to take care of the registration of all types of vehicles, issue of DL or driver’s license, checking vehicle insurance, collecting road tax, etc. A Transport Commissioner is the head of RTO. Almost every state in India has its own RTO offices to take care of the license, taxation, and registration requirements in that region. RTO is essentially a government bureau whose primary responsibility is registration of vehicles. Additionally, the bureau is responsible for the collection of one-time road tax at the time of registration, examination of insurance and pollution level of the vehicle among other things. RTO is also known as Regional Transport office.


In India, there exist two types of Registers, namely: National register and State register. The former is a repository of all information channeled from State registers whereas the State register captures information at regional or State level. Thus, it is essential for proper channelization of information, an RTO should be adequately connected with the State Data Centre to ensure facilitation of information from the RTO to the State register. For this purpose, most of the RTOs in the country have been computerized.


Lately, many reports have emerged that have exposed corruption and nepotism being rife within the RTOs organization. In the year 2000, the Public Affairs Centre had conducted a survey on the administration of RTO in Bangalore that showed that record 57 percent of people claimed to have paid bribes. A survey was also conducted by Colgate University, Hamilton in the year 2011 showed that 6 RTOs in Bangalore were most corrupt. A proposal of doing away with RTOs by introducing online framework has been doing rounds since the year 2014. In fact, in the year 2014 Nitin Gadkari, the erstwhile Union Minister of Road Transport gave a similar proposal for closure of RTOs due to swarming allegations of corruption in these government bodies. All of this paints a disappointing picture of RTOs in the country and beyond.


RTO Full Form : Real-Time Optimization

Full Form of RTO refers to Real Time Optimization. This can be the other full form of RTO, which is used less often. This is a kind of software, which is used to better the work of software for servers. It offers a real-time control and view of the IT infrastructure of a corporate including network devices, servers, and applications. To simply put, RTO helps to track (or) report changes in configuration and maintain the license information of software.