Full Form of PS

Full Form of PS


PS Full Form is ‘PostScript’, which is derived from Latin words ‘Post Scriptum’. PS is one of the most used terms in letters, emails, etc. It essentially means, ‘written after’. It is commonly used below the signature part or at the end of the letter. PS can just be a few words, sentences, or several paragraphs. It refers to thoughts that occur after a letter is completed and signed.


We communicate often through letters or emails on personal as well as professional fronts. What we write makes the reader realize what we mean to communicate to him / her and the person respond accordingly. However, there are times when we overlook a few points while writing and then add them to the mail as an afterthought. PS is also used at the end of a book or an essay – after the main body or content.


However, under such usages, it is referred to as ‘afterword’, and refers to the subsequent edition. Poetically PS had been used to infer any after tails of the core work. At times terms like PSS – Post Super Scriptum or PPS – Postquam Post Scriptum, are used whenever there are additional points to be mentioned after PS. Nevertheless, the most commonly used term is PS or Post Scriptum.


PS Full Form – Additional Information

PostScript is, as mentioned earlier, derived from Latin “post scriptum” which means something that is written after the main script or matter. It is natural on many occasions to miss out a few points while writing a letter or email. Sometimes they can be trivial afterthoughts or in other cases an important note to be mentioned. Whatever be the case, PostScript helps complete the letter with all thoughts finally put in place.


PostScript is added immediately after the signature and is used to highlight the missed out points or thoughts. It can be anything – a reminder or an offer or highlight of some issue already addressed in the main mail. There are different opinions shared as far as P.S. in email is concerned. Some feel that unlike written mail that is not easily editable without messing the page, an email is temporary typed mail on-screen that can be edited, matter added or deleted.


Under such conditions adding a postscript in email is not considered a good netiquette. Whereas others feel that irrespective of the medium – actual or virtual – any missed thought should be expressed. Thus, just like in written mails post scripts can be added to emails too. This gives the sender a satisfaction of conveying all ideas to the receiver without missing out any.



This depends solely on what is entered in the postscript. Many people have a habit of writing just random lines as questions or comment in the postscript. In such cases, adding the postscript is totally a futile exercise. On the other hand, sometimes while writing a mail hastily we genuinely miss out on some important thoughts that are essential to be conveyed to the receiver. Thus, it becomes necessary to add them in the end when you realize your error of omission. Such post scripts are important and meaningful. They save the situation of incomplete communication.


Do not write trivial comments or random, unimportant questions as postscript as they are meaningless and best not written. However, if you have something urgent to convey that was missed out by haste or overlook then the postscript helps the receiver to grasp that afterthought effectively. P.S. also helps in accentuating certain points already mentioned in the mail but which need extra attention.


Personal, as well as business correspondences, can have postscripts added. In fact, post scripts are very useful for marketing / sales mails or emails. Through the P.S., last minute offers or discounts can be conveyed that catch the eye of the reader. It is a study that people often read the salutations and then their eyes go straight down to the postscript, even before reading the subject matter. Thus, writing an attractive P.S. actually helps in boosting sales if the reader finds the offers attractive.



PostScript is written after you sign off your letter. It can be effective in both – personal and business letter. It can be a single line or even a short paragraph. Personal letter post scripts are seldom exceptionally important. They may be a query about some event / talk / observations experienced by the sender. Overall, they are general statements or voicing of a thought.


Example, while writing a mail about some incidence or something on a personal note you suddenly realize that you have forgotten to inform the person about the new addition to the family or some new purchase that you have made. Then these things are “afterthoughts” and thus added as appended matter to the mail. It may read thus:

P.S.: Hope you know that the Singhs have a new member in the family, a baby girl, born on 3rd April.


P.S.: Hey, just wanted to inform you that we have purchased a new car last Friday. It is a silver colored Toyota Corolla.

As far as business mails are concerned, the marketing team goes all out to woo the customers to increase the sales. The postscripts in such mails include lucrative offers and discounts and are written as a postscript on purpose to draw the reader’s attention to the bargain. Many know that on receiving a sales deal mail, very few people read the entire matter enthusiastically. Some just choose to ignore it. However, if a bold and attractive P.S. is added then the reader is tempted to at least glance at those lines even after skipping to read the actual mail. Example:

P.S.: We wish to offer additional 30% discount to customers who register order before 15th. Grab this golden opportunity now!


P.S.: On purchase of every hotplate get a set of 5 piece non-stick cookware absolutely free! Limited period offer, first come first served.



  1. It is an eye catcher. So if any important message is to be delivered then more than the main text the reader’s attention can be drawn to the matter instantly.
  2. It helps in stressing a matter effectively, especially in business mails.
  3. Post Script helps to complete the chain of thoughts that was broken due to haste, thus establishing effective communication.
  4. In a single line, it expresses personal thoughts or in a paragraph explains important issues related to work or business.
  5. Best marketing strategy to attract customers. Various discount offers emphasized in bold letters in P.S. are sure to lure customers and boost sales.



While writing a mail, the writer puts his heart and soul in penning the thoughts. It is sheer bad luck that sometimes some important thoughts get slipped from mind while composing the main mail. Nonetheless, all is not lost and P.S. acts as a savior that facilitates the addition of these thoughts to complete the mail. Since PostScript means “afterthought or written after”, it naturally comes at the end of the mail, even after the signature.


How well the postscript is written ascertains its worth. As mentioned earlier, these are attention seekers so make the best of it and append the letter in the best possible way. Remember, incomplete communication is ineffective communication. But if you have a powerful tool at your disposal to make people understand your thoughts (through postscript), then utilize the golden opportunity. Even when many people feel that post scripts are actually uncalled for additions to mails, in reality, they play a vital part and give you the freedom of last minute expression.