Full Form of RADAR

Full Form of RADAR

Radio Detection And Ranging

RADAR Full Form is Radio Detection And Ranging. RADAR is a system that detects the presence, distance, speed, and direction of ships, aircrafts, and various other objects. RADAR works by letting out series of electromagnetic pulses towards the objects which is reflected back to the source. It was a British Physicist named Sir Robert Watson-Watt made the first RADAR system in the year 1935. RADAR has become the essential tool for weather forecasting watching tornados and thunderstorms, to study planets, trace solar flares and study various moving bodies in the outer space. Most often, the ground-based RADAR system is used to guide aircraft landing. It is also used to track artificial satellites that orbit the earth.


RADAR is essentially an object-detection system, which makes use of radio waves for the determination of the angle, velocity, or range of objects. RADAR is also used for the detection of spacecraft, motor vehicles, guided missiles, ships, terrain, and weather formations. Its system comprises a transmitter, which produces electromagnetic waves or microwave domain, a receiving antenna, an emitting antenna for capturing returns from objects in the emitted signal’s path, a processor, and receiver for determination of properties of the objects.

Full Form of RADAR
Full Form of RADAR


It is interesting to note that RADAR was invented surreptitiously during World War II. In the year 1940, the United States Navy termed the system as RADAR. The use of RADAR has become a part of daily English vocabulary but in that, it has lost all the capitalization. The use of RADAR in the contemporary world is diverse in nature. It finds use in terrestrial and air traffic control, air-defense systems, marine radars, antimissile systems, radar astronomy, ocean surveillance and outer space surveillance, meteorological monitoring, public heath surveillance.


For RADAR systems to work, it is important that they overcome unwarranted noise or signals to ensure focus on the main targets. These unwarranted signals can originate from external and internal sources, which can be both active and passive. If the radar system is capable of overcoming these interferences, it defines the Signal-to-Noise ratio (abbreviated SNR) The use of RADAR is subject to International regulations. Article 1.100 of the International Telecommunications Union’s ITU Radio Regulations defines RADAR.

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