Full Form of PGDM – Career Opportunities for PGDM Degree holders

Full Form of PGDM:

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

PGDM Full Form is Post Graduate Diploma in Management. The PGDM is basically a post graduation diploma degree in the field of management. The duration of this program is two years. The main focus of this program resides in making the students aware of the corporate culture and helping them in understanding its requirements. This inclination helps in making this program a practical one.

The colleges that offer the program of PGDM are approved by the AICTE. The designing of the program structure of this degree is done by the institutes and colleges, keeping in mind the requirements of the corporate world. The programs of this degree are autonomous in nature.

Due to this, a large amount of stress is laid on practical applications as compared to theory. The syllabus of the program helps the students to prepare themselves for the job profiles of senior management. The course contents are altered by the institutes depending upon the situation of the corporate market. This gives the proof of the flexibility of the program.

Eligibility Criteria for PGDM Course

The aspirants must fulfill the criteria approved by the AICTE in order to obtain admission into PGDM. The students must have a bachelor’s degree of minimum three years in the courses recognized by the AICTE. This also applies to any other discipline authorized by the HRD Ministry. The students who are still in the last year of their degree course can apply as well. For such students, it is necessary to submit the graduation proofs, which are basically the mark sheets of all semesters before the last date.

Full Form of PGDM - Career Opportunities for PGDM Degree holders
Full Form of PGDM – Career Opportunities for PGDM Degree holders

The candidate must have at least fifty percent marks in all subjects. These subjects must be approved by the UGC or AICTE. If this condition is not met, the candidate’s admission may get cancelled. The business expertise can provide benefit to the candidates. It adds weightage in the process of selection.

Entrance exam and Admission Process for PGDM Course

The admission process of the MBA program and PGDM program are nearly same. The main reason for this is that the basic qualifications needed for the program and their entrance exams are similar. If a candidate fulfills all the eligibility criteria discussed above, he or she can appear for the entrance exams that are conducted by universities as well as by the Government.

The leading schools in India that offers the courses of PGDM are the IIMs. Additionally, more than half of the nation’s management schools also offer programs for this degree with several specializations. If a candidate wishes to get admission in the IIMs, it is necessary to appear for the CAT exam and get a high percentile. The entrance exams like JMET, XAT, MAT and GMAT are conducted to select students for the management programs of these institutes. The group discussion usually accompanies the personal interview in the second round. If a candidate gets selected in this round, he or she is eligible for the admission in the PGDM program.

PGDM Courses

Several courses are offered in the programs of this degree. One of them is the International Business. This course is designed for developing the knowledge as well as the skills related to small and large business in the world of international business. Another is the course on information technology. The main focus of this course lies in using the management techniques for improving the use of information technology for the business growth.

The course of business strategy is quite popular among the students. It helps them in building the strategy concepts that can be implemented not only on the corporate level but also at the business level. Its job profile includes the consultant of information technology and strategic manager.

Benefits of doing PGDM Course

The following discusses the benefits of doing the degree programs of PGDM:

Professional skills:

The corporate world of the present times is highly competitive. The professionals not only must have a thorough knowledge of their core field but must also have fully developed professional skills. The courses of the PGDM are designed to achieve the same.

High Paying Jobs:

The candidates holding the PGDM degree have a higher average salary as compared to those who are a regular graduate. A large number of industrial organizations, as well as companies of the information technology sector, prefer to hire graduates who are skilled and fully trained for the jobs like consultants, project leads, managers, etc.

Career Opportunities for PGDM Degree holders

There are several career opportunities for the PGDM holders. The PGDM holders can be successful entrepreneurs since they have skills of business management and know the basics of finances. The second option is business consultation. The students can make a career in back end consulting, financial or management consulting in accordance with their interest in aptitude, and core subject. They are responsible for problem solving and management of the processes.

The candidates interested in numbers and have excellent conversational skills can opt for investment banking. Their main work involves asset handling. They also give advice on acquisitions to their clients. Another option is to become a business analyst. The main responsibility of these professionals is to analyze different cases of businesses.