Full Form of NIC in Computer Science

Full Form of NIC: Network Interface Card

NIC Full Form refers to Network Interface Card. NIC is an effective hardware device that helps a computer to connect with a computer network. It is also known as Network Interface Controller. Most of the modern computers have this card or this circuit board installed within them.

This system uses a specific and certain physical layer standard data link layers like Token Ring, Fibre Channel, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. NICs can connect a computer to the network in both ways, through cables or wirelessly. NICs are used for building a full time and dedicated connection between the computer and the network. In most cases, this network is a LAN ( Local Area Network ).

Full Form of NIC Network Interface Card
Full Form of NIC Network Interface Card

The connection procedure includes a specified technology of LAN transmission. Modern NICs offers advanced services and features. These cards can perform multiple transmission queues and receive queues, offer DMA interface or interrupt services to the related host processors, perform partition into a number of logical interfaces, process the on-controller traffic of the network.

NIICs use both hardware-based and software-based distribution of related interrupts. RSS ( Receive Side Scaling ), RPS 9 Receive Packet Steering ), and RFS ( Receive Flow Steering ) are some of those distribution implementations. Nowadays, most NICs make use of Ethernet technology.