Full Form of MSDN

Full Form of MSDN

Microsoft Developer Network

MSDN Full Form is Microsoft Developer Network. MSDN is an extensive network platform dedicated to developers and testers and is an integral part of Microsoft Corporation. MSDN is the department of Microsoft liable for supervision of the firm’s association with hardware inventors and engineers concerned with the operating system (OS), and software developers developing on many OS platforms or using the API or construct languages of Microsoft’s applications.


All essential tool kits, documents, expert discussion forums, blogs and other related help and directive materials for both hardware and software developer are accessible on the website. Also, the public can subscribe to consistent newsletters to stay updated on the newest updates and variety releases. In June 1992, MSDN was started as a quarterly, CD-ROM- based collection of technological editorials, model code, and software improvement implements and also a 16-page tabloid newspaper.


In 1996, Bob Gunderson started lettering a column in Microsoft Developer Network News, revised by Andrew Himes, with the pseudonym “Dr.GUI”. The editorial gave answers to queries put forward by MSDN subscribers. After he left the MSDN team, Dennis Crain acquired the Dr. GUI role and included medical wit to the column. MSDN is a collection of online and offline services planned to aid the developers to make applications or apps with Microsoft products and expertise.


The subsequent version, MSDN2, was unveiled in November 2004 as an element of Virtual Studio 2005, following the web standards and thus providing an extensively developed provision for substitute web browsers to Internet Explorer in the API browser. It enhanced Web user proficiency. In 2008, MSDN2 was outmoded and it transformed into msdn.microsoft.com.