Full Form of MSc – Eligibility Requirements for MSc Course

Full Form of MSc

Master of Science

MSc Full Form is Master of Science. MSc is a 2-year post graduation degree offered by universities upon completion of the prescribed course. Admission to MSc requires an undergraduate degree or bachelor’s degree in the same field of specialization. The range of subjects of specializations in MSc includes; chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, operational research, biotechnology, psychology, botany, anthropology, and more.


All science universities in India offer MSc programs. Nevertheless, some of the technological universities also offer MTech and ME alongside the conventional MSc. MSc is almost the same 2-years post graduation course in most countries. This course is normally contrasted with MA or Masters of Arts degree.

Full Form of MSc
Full Form of MSc

MSc Full Form – Additional Information

In numerous nations, the universities award a master’s degree to the students who pursue a program or course in a scientific field. This degree is referred to as MSc or Master of Science. It is very different from other master’s degrees, like MA or Master of Arts. The awarding of this degree is done for the study programs that focus on mathematical as well as scientific subjects, like medicine, science and engineering.

There are different conventions in different universities, and some of them also award it for areas that come under social sciences and humanities. The students pursuing it need to submit a thesis in order to get the degree. The duration of the study programs of the MSc extends to two years. The students need to attend two semesters every year. There are numerous subjects available in its study program. This degree can also be pursued through distance learning.


Eligibility Requirements for MSc Course

The eligibility requirements for entering into the study programs of the MSc are not very complex. There is no limitation on the age of the candidate for joining its courses. The students who have just completed their graduation degree can join the programs, or they can do the same at a later stage. They must have scored at least fifty-five percent as their graduation percentage for getting admission in a suitable college.


Those candidates who have foreign nationality can also join the MS study programs, provided they possess an authentic passport. The student visa must also be possessed by them. In order to get admission into the courses, the candidates are required to pass entrance exams. These are conducted by numerous colleges. The syllabus of these exams is similar to that of the BSc course.


Specializations in MSc Course

There are numerous specializations offered in the MSc Study programs. Some of them are discussed below:



The course of this program helps the students to get ample practical as well as theoretical knowledge about the world of biochemistry. Its study program consists of the subjects of advanced levels, such as enzymes, proteins, biochemical techniques, genetic engineering, immunology, molecular biology, biochemical techniques, etc.


Computer Science

The study program of this specialization helps in the development of skills in numerous practical areas of computers in the students and provides the understanding and learning of the same at a higher level. The subjects studied by them consist of designing of algorithms and their analysis, information security, computer intelligence, compiler design, etc.



This specialization provides in-depth information on environmental, regional, behavioral, physical, human and technical geography to the students. It covers subjects like regional planning and development, digital processing of data, geography’s nature, climatology, etc.



This specialization helps in honing advanced skills of research, along with problem solving and reasoning skills in the students. The core subjects that are taught to them in this field include dynamical systems, algebraic geometry, algebra, etc.


Job Prospects for MSc graduates

There are numerous fields into which the students can pursue their career after they successfully complete the study program of this degree. In order to get jobs at the hierarchy’s higher level, the MSc degree is very helpful. The areas where the pass outs can get ample opportunities for jobs include research firms, oil industry, geological survey departments, chemical industry and agricultural industry.


They can also get employed in testing labs, the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, educational institutes and biotechnology firms. The job profiles of MSc pass outs include science adviser, pharmacist, marine geologists, lecturer, doctor, chemist, and taxonomist. They can also become plant biochemist, oceanographers, lab technicians, geneticist and biology researcher.


Suitability and Benefits

All those individuals who desire to have an in-depth knowledge of a particular field, and have enough time to get it are suitable to indulge in this post-graduation degree. The students who wish to develop expert skills in critical thinking, analysis, and professional applications should pursue MSc. It is also excellent for those who have the capability of solving complex problems and are able to think independently as well as rigorously. There are numerous benefits of pursuing the MSc degree. Some of them are:


  • The information provided on the MSc degree is highly intensive and complex. This helps not only in increasing the knowledge of an individual, but also helps in obtaining its proper practical applications in a capable and professional environment.
  • The weightage of the portfolio of individual increases if he or she gets this degree. As compared to the Bachelor’s degree, the jobs obtained by the MSc pass-outs are of comparatively higher levels.
  • The doctoral program can be pursued by those who complete the course of this degree.