Full Form of ISP

Full Form of ISP

Internet Service Provider

ISP Full Form is Internet Service Provider. Digitalization has brought world closer and has enabled us with all the luxuries. Today one can access anything anywhere within a fraction of second using internet. The Internet has become a necessity and need of the hour. The Internet has brought an array of information on a single platform thereby exposing users with a multitude of knowledge. The Internet is proving to be a boon for the mankind. An Internet service provider (ISP) is an organization providing users with Internet access.


An Internet service provider is also called an Internet access provider (IAP). The first ISP was established in the year 1989 in the United States and Australia. An ISP can be commercial, non –profit, community-based or privately owned. Data can be transmitted using several means like dial-up, DSL Modem, high speed interconnects, cable modem or wireless.


A customer can connect and communicate with an ISP with the help of emails, telephone, online chat support system etc. The service combination varies across all service. The customer used to pay a subscription fee to ISPs for Internet Access. The ISP’s are interlinked to each other mostly at internet access point and pay other larger ISPs for Internet access. This, in turn, pays to other ISPs until transmissions reach a 1stcarrier.


ISP can sometimes have more than one point of presence (PoP) i.e., an access point to the Internet; it can be a physical location housing servers or routers. Multiple PoP’s have separate connections to an ISP. There are various forms of ISP like Free ISP that provides internet service free of charge; Wireless ISP which is based upon wireless networking and Virtual ISP that buy services from another ISP and allow its customer to utilize internet infrastructure.