Full Form of IRS

Full Form of IRS

Indian Revenue Service

IRS Full Form is Indian Revenue Service. IRS refers to the administrative revenue service operational under the Central Civil Services of the Indian Government. IRS is the biggest Group A service among the civil services in the country. It operates under the aegis of the Department of Revenue, which functions under the Union Ministry of Finance. The service deals with the gathering and the administration of the direct as well as indirect taxes accrued to the Union Government.


IRS is composed of two branches, namely: IRS (Customs and Central Excise) and IRS (Income Tax) that are controlled by two distinct statutory bodies, namely Central Board of Excise and Customs (abbreviated as CBEC) and Central Board of Direct Taxes (abbreviated as CBDT) respectively. It discharges one of the crucial sovereign functions which is the gathering of revenue for the purposes of development, governance, and security.


There are two modes of recruitment in the IRS, namely: Promoted Officers and Direct Recruits. Promoted Officers such as the Income Tax Service, Group B are generally promoted over years of service and Direct Recruits are appointed from the reputed Civil Services Examination organized by the Union Public Service Commission (abbreviated as UPSC). IRS officers serve critical positions and therefore, they are extremely important. There are a number of issues relating to IRS that need to be handled as efficiently as possible.


As of the year 2013, there is a marked shortage of the number of IRS officers and many posts are lying vacant for years. Another problem is that IRS officers have been vulnerable to frequent violent attacks including murder which has raised skepticism and discouragement among officers and those interested in civil services. One major issue in IRS is that corruption is rife. The global watchdog, Transparency International ranked India 73 out 102 countries in the Corruption India and attributed much of the corruption to the administrative officers.