Full Form of GOOGLE – Important Information, History of Google Products

Full Form of GOOGLE:

Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth

GOOGLE Full Form is Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth. We all know what Google is all about. Technically speaking, Google does not have any full form.

The term Google was derived from the word Googol, which basically refers to a mathematical term “1 followed by 100 zeros”. This is of course a very huge number. They might have chosen this term to make it clear their intention of organizing huge amount of information and to be the world’s huge data base.

Google Full Form – Important Information

What would the world be without internet? Everything that we have seems to have become connected the Internet. We have come to an age where digital revolution has picked up pace at an incredible manner, swiping away everyone that comes into contact with it. There are multifold reasons behind the phenomenal human dependency upon Internet and one of them being the luxury to find anything in a few clicks. In fact, Internet would not have been that brilliant a service if there were no Google. Let us explore more about Google Full Form.

Full Form of GOOGLE - Important Information
Full Form of GOOGLE – Important Information

Google has become the life force of the virtual world, as most of the online activities occur via google. It is not merely a search engine but a gateway to a massive bulk of information accessible within few seconds. Humankind has become so used to Google that it has become a part of the common vocabulary, using it whenever we feel any lack of information. Just Google it! is the new but fashionable word for informal, technological suggestions.

People have rejoiced the services for Google for years but have hardly bothered to explore the history, its present and future possibilities despite the convenience it provides. Well, this article is not written as a token of condemnation but as a token of acknowledgment that Google is not just a search engine, which has become a major game changer in the economics of the virtual world. In this article, an attempt is made to explore several facts about Google in ten points. So, shall we begin?

History of Google

Google is a multinational company that provides facilities related to Internet. It started operation in the year 1996 but not as a full-fledged search engine but as a mere research project upon which the key founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, were working as PhD scholars of Stanford University, California.

They did not name their research project Google originally; it was named BackRub primarily because the search engine would survey the backlinks to determine the relevance of the website. The name Google is a result from an accidental misspelling of “googol” and it went on to symbolize the purpose of the search engine to provide access to bulk of information available online.

The Google’s domain name was officially registered on 15 September, 1997, followed by incorporation in the year 1998. The official operations started from a friend’s garage in California and its first employee was Craig Silverstein.

Acquisitions and partnerships undertaken by Google

Google has become larger and more powerful with its growing visitors base and also, its acquisitions and partnerships activities.

Google has undertaken many acquisitions and partnerships since 2001. It started with the acquisition of Keyhole, Inc. in the year 2004, which was a fresh company responsible for developing Earth Viewer. This service Earth Viewer was later renamed as the now popular google Earth. Another significant acquisition happened when it acquired Urchin Software in the year 2005 that eventually led into the development of Google Analytics in the year 2006.

A breakthrough acquisition was that of the popular video streaming website Youtube in the year 2006, which caused a great surge in the website’s user base. Later on in the year 2007, Google acquired DoubleClick and GrandCentral. The GrandCentral service was later branded as Google Voice.

As far as partnerships are concerned, a major partnership venture was that with the NASA’s Ames Research Center in the year 2005 for the construction of scientifically advanced office rooms. Google has partnered with AOL for the purpose of improving video qualities.

In the year 2014, Google has purchased companies like Songza, which is a music company; Skybox Imaging; Quest Visual and has invested in the Chinese artificial intelligence corporation named Mobvoi. Let us explore more about Google Full Form.


This has been in news for quite some time and even so, not many people understand what it is all about. This segment will explain to you what Alphabet has in store for you.

Alphabet is technically a multinational conglomerate, which was founded as the parent company of Google in the year 2015. This new company is located in California and is currently headed by key founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, with the former being the Chief Executive officer and the latter being the President.

The purpose of the establishment of Alphabet is to ensure greater accountability and cleaner functioning of Google. It endeavors to provide greater freedom to companies under its banner.

Recent Economic reports show that Alphabet has become the most valuable company in the world, surpassing Apple.

Advertising with Google

Google is one of the most favorite spaces for advertisement purposes, particularly because of the phenomenal user base and global reputation. Advertising is a huge business for Google and this is quite evident from economic statement regularly reported. Take for example in the year 2006, the company stated that it has obtained more than $10 billion as revenue from advertisements.

Until 2011, about 96% of the profits came from advertisements. Google is particularly popular as an advertisement destination because of its amazing DoubleClick technology. In addition to that, Google makes use of Google Analytics to keep record of the number of people who use the search engine. Google also has a sister service known by the name Adsense that facilitates owners of websites to advertise on their sites and earn every time the advertisement is clicked upon.

There were concerns raised when Google entered into an agreement with its rival Yahoo! under which Yahoo! agreed to post Google advertisements on its website. This agreement however did not take effect because the United States Department of Justice had raised many apprehensions regarding the anti-competitive nature of the agreement.

In order to increase the advertisements of its products, Google gave way to a new website known by the name Demo Slam, which was built primarily for the purpose of providing demos about various Google technologies.

Google has undertaken several activities to ensure that its major revenue sector, which is advertisements, does not feel pressurized in any way and runs smoothly.

Products from Google

As mentioned earlier, Google is not a mere search engine. There is a lot stored in for anyone who wishes to explore the universe of Google. There are many additional products launched by Google, which have come to dominate market with the help of their distinct and amazing quality of services. Some of such products are mentioned in the following paragraphs.

Google Product
Google Product

Let us begin the Google Translate, which is one of the most popular products of Google. It is a translation service that is, for the time being, capable of providing translation to about 80 languages. There are options available for handwriting recognition and speech recognition. Google Translate makes use of a technology called corpus linguistics, in which the certain official documents are used by the program.

Another service that Google runs is the Google News. It was launched in the year 2002 as a service capable of briefing news information from various news websites. This service has been mired in a legal controversy relating to copyright infringement.

In the year 2010, the Google Fiber project was announced that was aimed at providing high speed internet services to a limited number of costumers in a limited number of American cities. Kansas City was the first city to avail the service.

Other products from google include Google Wave, which is a service allowing communication between users on a website; Google Chrome, which has now become one of the most popularly used web browser; Google Goggles, which allows pictorial recognition facilities; Google Wallet, which is a recent facility for wireless payments, etc.

Google Productivity tools

Although a brief discussion has been made on products of Google, productivity tools need a separate discussion. Google has launched many productivity tools, many of which have become immensely popular among common public.

Let us begin with the popular mailing service, Gmail. Gmail is Google’s free mail service that was initially launched as invitation only program in the year 2004. It became available for free use only in the year 2007. A remarkable achievement of Gmail is that it the world’s first mail service to provide 1 GB space of storage.

Another productivity tool offered by Google is AJAX. AJAX, which stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a technique used in programming that causes the web page to remain active without the need to repeatedly refresh the webpage.

In the year 2004, Google launched yet another productivity tool by name Google Code, which is technically an open source software. It allows download of in-development programs without any fee.

Google Drive is an ambitious software that is akin to Dropbox. It was initially launched with an invitation only segment. Most of the productivity tools launched by Google are some of the most popularly used softwares in the world. Let us explore more about Full Form of Google.

Experience of employees in Google

Working with Google is one of the best experiences as founded in various surveys. The Fortune magazine had declared Google as the best company to work with for three years 2007, 2008 and 2012. It was the fourth best company to work with as far as the years 2009 and 2010. Another index named the Universum Communications talent attraction, Google was nominated for the most attractive employer in respect of graduate students.

The records for the year 2013 state that Google had about 47,756 employees with about 10,000 software developers. There are about 40 officers. Google adopts many motivational techniques to promote interactive atmosphere in the offices. Of many policies used by Google, one such is Innovation Time-off. It is a method of motivating the employees to spend 20% of their work hours on activities that interest them. Reports show that majority of productivity tools were originated during Innovation Time-off for example Gmail, Google News, Orkut, etc.

There are other motivational activities used by Google to create a friendly environment. Take for example fresh recruits in Google are made to wear propeller beanie cap, which is to be worn on their first Friday.


One of the most attractive features about Google is its Doodle features. Google doodle made its first entry in the year 1998. For quite some time Google was working on designs to create logos to celebrate special events like anniversaries or people. The first doodle that appeared on the Google homepage was dedicated to the Burning Man Festival, which was designed by the key founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Eventually, doodles became a normal practice and frequent in appearance. After 2000, the founders founded a group called “doodlers” which are primary creators of doodles.

There have been many controversies related to Doodles. Take for example Google, which had posted a doodle that was dedicated to Roald Dahl, however this was criticized because the posting of doodle coincided with Rosh Hashanah, which is a Jewish holiday. The doodle was criticized because Roald was anti-Jewish to many people. Google has also been criticized for not posting doodles to celebrate American patriotic days like Veteran day or the Memorial Day. To resolve the controversy, Google came up with a doodle to honor Veterans Day.

To encourage people to contribute to the doodle collection, Google conducts Doodle 4 Google competitions. The submitted doodle designs are put to vote and the winning doodle is hosted on the homepage for 24 hours. The winner wins a trip to Googleplex. Google has organized this competition in various countries like in Ireland in the year 2008, India in 2009, and Singapore in the year 2010.

Google as search engine

Google is the most popular search engine, which has now reached a billion users. It is particularly dominant in the United States, having a 65.6 % market share.

Some controversies have surfaced over Google’s indexing techniques. In the year 2003, the newspaper The New York Times claimed that the Google’s index had infringed its copyright. The controversy was tabled before the Nevada’s District Court, which decided in the favor of Google in two cases namely, Parker v Google and Field v Google. Google has also been reprobated for undertaking discriminating activities against new websites.

Google’s search engine is known to have processed billions of search inputs, with about a phenomenally huge amount of 24 petabytes of data processed every day.

Locations of Google company

Google is one of the most employee friendly companies in the world. It has many offices designed in a manner so as to enhance comfort and friendliness in the atmosphere.

The Headquarters of Google is situated in Mountain View, California, which is famously known as the Googleplex. The infrastructural layout is complicated. To add to the working atmosphere, the lobby is embellished with old servers, piano, lava lamps, etc. There are rooms particularly designed for exercises. There are recreational facilities available to the employees like video games, lockers, massage room, piano, ping pong, and gym, etc. What is more fun about Google headquarters is that free food that is available to 24/7.

Google also has its office in New York City, which is located at 111 Eighth Avenue. The office employees the largest advertising and sale team that is responsible for overseeing matters concerning sales. This group is considered to be an important role player in securing partnerships. As far as the infrastructural layout is concerned, it is equally interactive and friendly. It includes kitchens, gaming center, etc.

Google has its offices in different cities in the United States. In the year 2006, Adwords division of Google got its main office in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Google has also opened offices in Georgia, Austin, Colorado, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Seattle, Virginia, Massachusetts, etc. Let us explore more about Full Form of Google.

Gmail, the free mail service

One of the most attractive features that Google provides is also the most popular mail service in the virtual world, Gmail. So, one cannot fully explore the world of Google without knowing about Gmail.

It is one of those services of google, which is supported by advertisements and therefore, depends heavily upon them for revenue. It was launched in the year 2004 but was only an invitation based web mail service back then. It remained limitedly accessible even after it was made available for public use in the year 2007. Finally in the year 2009, Google made it freely available to public at large, without having any need for an invitation.

It is extremely popular and has successfully managed to leave behind other competitors like Hotmail and Yahoomail. Records show that Gmail was the first app to have one billion installs on Google Play Store.

Youtube, the video streaming service

Of all the video streaming facilities available on Internet, Youtube is the favorite and the most popular. It has structured itself into a streamlined, freely accessible streaming service, which has become one of the strongest tools of promotion in the world, particularly for the Entertainment Industry.

Based in San Bruno, California, the website was designed and created by former employees of Paypal namely, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. It was acquired by Google in the year 2006 and it now functions as a subsidiary of Google. The most common facilities that Youtube offers are viewing of, sharing of, and commenting on the videos uploaded on the website. Youtube provides content on TV series, movies, music videos, or even self-made videos. Users who have not registered on the website have the freedom to access videos and make use of common facilities. Let us explore more about Full Form of Google.

Google chrome, the web browser

Google Chrome has within a short span of time surpassed other browsers like Internet Explorer. It is now one of the most used browsers in the world.

Google Chrome is basically a free browser, which was originally created by Google. It was initially launched for Microsoft Windows but only as a beta version. The launch happened on 2 September, 2008, which was followed by a launch for public use in the same year on 11 December. The popularity and use of the browser has reached to great levels, as StatCounter has found that Google Chrome has 58% usage share in the world. It is particularly popular among smart phone users because of the light framework used by it.

It would be interesting to note that the then Google CEO Eric Schmidt had objected to the creation of such web browser, stating concerns regarding the small size of Google as a company. In order to dispel his apprehensions, the co-founders of Google asked developers of Mozilla Firefox to present the essentials of the Chrome project. The presentation impressed the CEO immensely.

Google Maps

It is surprising how one simple search engine company expanded so much to have touched upon numerous intriguing aspects of technology. One such aspect Google has worked upon quite industriously is Google Maps.

Google Maps is a popular mapping service, which offers a variety of attractive features like maps of streets, panoramic view, information of current traffic situations, etc. This amazing service began its journey as C++ program, originally designed by Jens and Lens Eilstrup Rasmussen, who worked at Where 2 Technologies.

Eventually in the year 2004, Google acquired the program and developed it into a web application, Google Maps. The application was officially launched in the year 2005. Google Maps is yet another massively popular Google application, with about 54% of the smart phone users having used it at least once.

Google Translate

It is tiring or rather boring to begin every segment by highlighting the overwhelming popularity of Google services but it can’t be helped. Google is probably the most successful manufacturer of web services and is going stronger with time. Under this segment, we shall highlight what Google Translate has in store for people.

It is one of the most useful services that promotes multilingual understanding. It is a freely available application that provides translation services for about 90 languages. The application is able to translate speech, pictures, text, etc from one language to another language. Google Translate serves more than 200 million users worldwide.

Google Translate is however not a perfect translation service, as there are many defects inherent in it. One such problem is that it does not make use of grammatical rules, as it functions on statistical machine translation. There are many languages that cannot be directly converted to another language like Catalan, Urdu, Galician, Ukranian, Belarusian, etc.

In order to improve the service of Google Translate, an endeavor called Translate Community has begun, wherein people can chose up to five languages and provide assistance in improving translation.

Google Docs

Google Docs is basically a word processor, which is a part of free software called office suite that Google provides for as a part of its Google Drive service. Office suite is a software that facilities creation and editing of documents online and can simultaneously work with other users. Google Docs is the outcome of two products with one being Google Spreadsheets and other one being Writely.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools, which is now known as Google Search Console, is a freely available web service designed by Google for the utility of webmasters. It facilitates webmasters to keep a check on the indexing status as well as optimize visibility of websites. In the year 2015, the original name, which is Google Webmaster Tools, was changed to the present one, which is Google Search Console.

Google Webmaster Tools provides the following facilities to the webmasters:

  • It allows the webmasters to assess a sitemap.
  • It helps webmasters to oversee statistics whenever a website accesses Googleblot.
  • It helps them to write and even check robot.txt files, which prevent access to certain pages.
  • It provides lists of external and internal web pages that connect to the website.
  • It also provides access to an API.

Google Analytics

Another popular feature of Google services is Google Analytics. It is a web analytics service that google offers, whose primary application is detection and reporting of website traffic. Urchin had originally developed this service, which was later acquired by Google in the year 2005. Now, Google Analytics wears the crown of being the most used web analytics service in the world. This service can be availed in two different categories namely, Google Analytics Premium, which targets business users and Google Analytics for Mobile Apps, which allows collection of data usage from application platforms like iOS and Android.

Google Analytics has now started using upgraded version of tracking code known as asynchronous tracking code, which is more responsive and accurate. It claims to have greater ability to track even minute changes on website traffic.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is another program offered by Google that provides publishers on the Google Network relating to content to serve interactive advertisements. It provides a mechanism for greater access to audience. When using Google Adsense, revenue is generated every time an advertisement is clicked.

Since advertisements are the major source of revenue for the Google company, Adsense is a special concern. In the first quarter of 2014, Google stated that it has generated whooping US $3.4 billion revenue through Google Adsense.

Adsense is engaged in the Adchoices program and therefore, most of the Adsense advertisements include Adchoices icons.


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