Full Form of FORTRAN

Full Form of FORTRAN:

FORmula TRANslation

FORTRAN Full Form is FORmula TRANslation. FORTRAN is an effective and highly useful programming language. FORTRAN is imperative, generic, and structured. This system was designed by John Backus. It was developed by Backus with the help of IBM. FORTRAN was initially released in 1957 and its stable release took place in 2008. The initially released version included 32 statements related to computer programming. IF-statement, PAUSE statement, DATA statement, GO TO statement, ASSIGN statement were some of the used statements.


It has been revised and restructured for a number of times. Programmes in FORTRAN were written and designed in such a format that used a fixed column. It was primarily designed to serve in the areas of applications that are related to scientific and engineering implementations. The earlier versions faced some problems regarding their portability. But the developers have successfully dealt with this issue in the later versions.


It is widely used in those fields which are intensively computational. Fluid dynamics, weather prediction on numerical basis, element analysis on finite level, computational simulation in physics and chemistry — these are the fields that are using FORTRAN for over 50 years till now. It is popular and effective in computing systems that mainly aim at high performance.