Full Form of DTSi

Full Form of DTSi:

Digital Twin Spark ignition

DTSi Full Form is Digital Twin Spark Ignition. DTSi is a combustion system that uses two spark plugs that spark alternatively at a certain time interval to increase the diameters of the flame and burn the fuel at the same time. DTSi has two spark plugs located at the end of the combustion chamber due to which fast and efficient combustion is possible.

Efficient combustion results in better fuel efficiency and lowers emission rate. The ignition system is digital and mapped by an integrated digital electronic controller that handles valve timing as well as fuel injection. The technology is a blend of light weight and great power boost as the power offered by two-stroke engines is much more than the power of four-stroke engines.

The system also adjusts idling speed & cuts off fuel feed when the accelerator pedal is released. At higher speeds the boost enhances full power delivery and stays on as long as the driver gives maximum pressure on the accelerator. The DTSi technology has greater combustion rate because of twin spark plug. The engine combusts fuel at a double rate than normal thereby, enhancing both engine life and fuel efficiency. The application of this automobile technology has enabled one to fulfill the need of the present generation i.e., Fuel Efficient Power Bikes.

Salient characteristics of DTSi:

  • Compact design along with Superior balance.
  • Two overhead cams along with camshaft timing variation
  • Digital electronic ignition with 2 plugs per cylinder & 2 ignition distributors
  • Injection fuel feeds with integrated digital twin spark ignition