Full Form of DP

Full Form of DP:

Data Processing

DP Full Form is Data Processing. Though in the current days, DP might refer to the Display Picture in the profile along with several other explanations, the most common usage or full form of DP is Data Processing.

What is Data Processing?

DP is a method in which software is used to manage, calculate, analyze data and perform certain functions. All this is done to produce some meaningful information. In a general sense, DP may denote handling or recording data (or information) using computers.

Full Form of DP
Full Form of DP

Softwares used for Data Processing:

Some of the softwares available to process data are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point etc. It also includes conversion of data into a machine-readable form to get the desired output.

Functions of Data Processing:

Various functions involved in data processing are explained below.

Validation in DP:

Validation of data is done primarily to check whether the given data is correct, clean and more importantly its usefulness.

Sorting in DP:

Sorting in DP refers to arranging of data in some logical sequence. It also involves forming different sets using available data.

Summarization in DP:

Summarization in DP is nothing but reducing all the available data to its key points.

Aggregation in DP:

As the word implies, it the process of combining bits and pieces of data.

Analysis in DP:

It is the process of collecting, interpreting, organizing, analyzing and presenting data.

Reporting in DP:

It is the method of preparing a detailed list or computed information.

Classification in DP:

Classification in DP refers to separating all the available data and classifying them into various categories.

Types of DP:

Manual DP :

In manual DP, data processing functions are done manually without the help of any calculating devices. A person has to perform all the calculations himself.

Automatic DP :

In automatic DP, data processing is done by using some of the electromechanical devices like unit record equipment, tabulating machines and electric accounting machines (abbreviated as EAM).

Electronic DP or EDP :

In Electronic DP, data processing is done with the help of computers.

Where is DP mostly used?

Some of the common areas of application of DP include commercial sectors where high volumes of data are involved. DP is also used for data analysis in engineering and science field where statistical calculations and algorithms have to be more accurate.


Full Form of DP : Display Picture

DP Full Form can refer to Display Picture. It is a popular term among internet users which represents displaying profile pictures of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Display Picture was used in the initial days of online text messaging. People in Asian countries used it most. Now this term is replaced with “Profile Picture”.

Full Form of DP: Dynamic Positioning

DP Full Form refers to Dynamic Positioning. It is a computer-controlled system designed for automatic maintenance of a vessel’s heading and position with the use of its own thrusters and propellers. The position of the vessel, the direction and impact of outside forces, and magnitude are provided to the computer through gyrocompasses, motions sensors, position sensors, and wind sensors.

MODU or Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, cruise ships, oceanographic research vessels, etc. are few types of vessels that make use of DP. Areas where Dynamic Positioning is applied include cable-laying process; dredging; rock dumping for rec; survey ships; servicing aids to navigation (ATON); crane vessels; cruise ships; maritime research, and more.

DP Full Form: Dynamic Programming

Full Form of DP stands for Dynamic Programming. It is an algorithmic method, which is used to solve complicated problems by breaking them into a group of sub problems. Each of the sub problems are solved individually and the solutions are saved in the form of data base memory. The next time when there is a requirement to solve the same problem, the data stored in the memory is utilized for the recalculation. This process not only saves computing time when large volumes of computing are involved but also saves storage space.

Dynamic programming is often used in mathematical optimization; bioinformatics; and computer programming. Some of the practical applications of Dynamic Programming include recurrent solutions for protein-DNA binding; string algorithms such as longest increasing subsequence; longest common subsequence; etc.

Full Form of DP: Degree of Polymerization

DP Full Form refers to Degree of Polymerization. It is a unique term, which determines weight of single macromolecule of a known composition. Typically synthetic polymers make a group of macromolecules with different measures of polymerization and corresponding molecular weight. It is normally defined as number of monomeric units in a polymer or macromolecule or oligomer molecule.

There are two main types of measuring the degree of polymerization namely; weight average and number average degree. Some define DP as number of repeat units and for most industrial needs, DP in thousands or tens of thousands are required. The chemical and physical properties of oligomer alter with the increase in molecular weight. Beyond a particular value, the increase in molecular weight does not affect the chemical and physical properties.

DP Full Form: Data Privacy

Full Form of DP refers to Data Privacy. Also known as Information Privacy or Data Protection, Data Privacy is that aspect of IT or Information technology, which deals with the capability of an individual or organization to determine which data on a computer system is private and which can be shared with the third parties. In other words, it is the correlation between the dissemination and collection of technology, data, and privacy; and the political and legal aspects that surround them.

Data privacy issues commonly arise in fields of heath resources; criminal justice proceedings; financial transactions; ethnicity; privacy breach; and similar sources. In general the right to privacy and its legal protections are different in different parts of the world.

Full Form of DP: Deception Point

DP Full Form stands for Deception Point. The novel Deception Point is a techno-thriller, which was published in the year 2001 by Dan Brown. The plot revolves around suspect of extraterrestrial life in Arctic Circle due to suspected evidences provided by meteorite in the region. Antagonists try to prevent evidences from public.

The book is a suspense thriller mixed filled with mysteries. It is a combination of high-tech weaponry, classified intelligence, along with presidential politics. The entire novel has a depth and is extremely fast paced, filled with interesting characters, several surprises, and plot twists. The author has done a detailed research on the sophisticated military and scientific details, which make it extremely fulfilling than the regular novels.

DP Full Form: Digital Preservation

Full Form of DP refers to Digital Preservation. It is the maintenance and management of digital objects like groups of files, which have digital form of data. Digital Preservation can also be termed as the formal endeavor for assuring that there is accessibility and usability of digital data of continuing value. It involves resource allocation, planning, preservation, and application of technologies and methodologies. It also combines strategies, actions, and policies to make sure there is access to reformatted content despite challenges of technological change or media failure.

The objective of Digital Preservation is to render authenticated and accurate content over time. It preserves the life of digital materials to remain usable despite of the advancement of technology, which make software and hardware specification out dated.