Full Form of URL

Full Form of URL :

Uniform Resource Locator

URL Full Form is Uniform Resource Locator. It is basically a reference to a web resource in the computer network. It provides the location of the resource and a mechanism to retrieve it. It was earlier termed as Universal Resource Locator. A URL is an address that is unique to a file, document or other resources on the Internet or WWW (World Wide Web). URL was created by Tim Berners-Lee an English Scientist in the year 1994.

Usually, the first half of a URL is known as ‘protocol identifier’ (as it identifies the protocol to be used) and the second half is known as ‘resource name’ (as it reveals the domain name or IP address of the web source). The first half and the second half of the URL are normally separated by means of a colon followed by two forward slashes.

Full Form of URL
Full Form of URL

One of the common synonyms used to refer to a URL is ‘web address’. Most often it is confused with the term domain name. Domain name is the one that locates a particular computer in the web and is a part of the URL. The web browsers basically display the URL in the address bar. Do you find it a little difficult to understand various terminologies involved in the address of a URL? Let us explain the usage of URL with one example so that it would be easy for you to understand.

For example, a URL like https://www.trendslr.com/category/full-forms has the following information.

www.trendslr.com – Name of the website (Host Name)
http – Protocol
category/full-forms – File Name
https://www.trendslr.com/category/full-forms – The location of the resource